What I’ve been up to…

So here’s what has happened in the last 13 days.

Thursday, February 9th:

  • Close on house, hereafter known as “Breen Acres” (aka “the Acres”).
    Surprise Mom with our house purchase.
    Crying ensues.
    Lunch with Mom, hubby and 2 cousins.
    Bowl in our league and talk “house stuff” with straight male league members.
    Reveal to seller’s family that we’ve bought their son’s/nephew’s house.
    [Coincidence: we bowl with parents, brother and 3 aunts of seller.]

Friday, February 10th:

  • Have our final breakfast at MAD (Miss Albany Diner) with hubby Jeffrey, friend Matt.
    Chat with and swoon over Mark, ACW (Albany’s Cutest Waiter)
    Run errands, including our first visit to our new Town Hall.
    See the eye doctor for dry, red eye – nothing amiss, just keep it moist.
    Spend a butt load of money on primer, paint and supplies.
    Receive e-mail from co-worker that she will be available the next morning with a pick-up truck.

Saturday February 11th:

  • Co-worker arrives at 7:00 am and we load her truck and our car at the Hamlet.
    Unload at the Acres.
    Return to the Hamlet.
    Co-worker arranged for her brother and sister-in-law to meet us at the Hamlet with THEIR pick-up.
    Note that her brother is woofy!
    Load two trucks and car at the Hamlet.
    Unload at the Acres.
    Decide we have so much stuff at the Acres that we will completely move in the following weekend.
    Receive visitors to the Acres: Barry.
    Birthday dinner at El Loco for friend Jay’s Birthday.

Sunday, February 12th:

  • Remove cabinet hardware.
    Prime kitchen and cabinets.
    Friends Tony and Tom show up to help prime.
    Mom shows up to clean bathrooms and appliances.
    Skip 2:00 league bowling to keep working.
    [We normally bowl on Thursday nights, but we bowl on 2 Sundays to shorten the season.]
    3 friends arrive with dinner and pre-mixed cosmos: Matt, Patrick and Rob.
    Friends stay and chat; I finish up Priming with Matt’s help.
    Patrick resolves some minor maintenance issues with fridge.
    Sadness permeates the weekend: we had to miss the LGBT/IGBO Bowling Tournament this weekend.

Monday, February 13th:

  • Day off for Lincoln’s Birthday, (thanks Abe!)
    Local heating & cooling company arrive to assess our house for Central Air installment.
    Start painting the kitchen at the Acres.
    Friend Tony arrives to help paint.
    Take Tony to late lunch/early dinner at Dinosaur Barbecue as a “thank you.”
    Pack more at the Hamlet.
    Unload more at the Acres.
    Give into exhaustion and go to bed.

Tuesday, February 14th:

  • Valentine’s Day.
    We both work.
    Pack at the Hamlet.
    Shop for house stuff.
    Have terrible dinner and service at Uno Chicago Grill.
    Unpack at the Acres.

Wednesday, February 15th:

  • Pack at the Hamlet.
    Unpack at the Acres.
    Paint Jeffrey’s office.
    Paint my office.
    Finish at 11:00 pm.
    Return to the Hamlet to sleep.

Thursday, February 16th:

  • We both work.
    Pack at the Hamlet.
    Unpack at the Acres.
    Skip bowling for the second time in a row to continue unpacking.

Friday, February 17th:

  • Get routine blood work done at lab.
    Go to Home Depot.
    Pick up prescriptions.
    Meet co-worker at the Hamlet.
    Load her truck and our car.
    Unload truck and car at the Acres.
    Meet friends for dinner at Milano.
    Spend first night at the Acres.

Saturday February 18th:

  • First morning we wake up at the Acres.
    First cup of coffee by the fire.
    Head to the Hamlet to load up the car.
    Return to the Acres to unload the car.
    Meet 14 friends at a Bowl-a-thon fundraiser in East Greenbush.
    Bowl two great games and have a blast.
    Flirt a LOT.
    Group dinner at Quigley’s afterwards.
    Head to the Acres for a 2 hour nap before going to a friend’s 40th birthday party.
    So exhausted, sleep straight through the night and miss the party.

Sunday, February 19th:

  • Coffee by the fire.
    Send e-mail apologizing profusely to our friend for missing his birthday party.
    Meet friend, Robb, from Oneonta at the Hamlet.
    Robb brought his horse trailer.
    Mom brought her car and my nephew to the Hamlet.
    Friend Barry brought his car to the Hamlet.
    Friend Tony meets us at the Hamlet.
    We all load up Barry’s car, my car and the horse trailer.
    We unload everything at the Acres.
    Drop nephew off at Mom’s.
    Hubby and Barry meet me at the Hamlet.
    Tony stays at the Hamlet to attach cabinet hardware and unpack kitchen boxes.
    We load both cars a second time.
    We unload at the Acres.
    We take Barry and Tony to lunch at Applebee’s.
    We return to the Hamlet.
    We load both cars for the third time.
    We unload both cars at the Acres.
    We take Tony home.
    Put out garbage at the Acres.
    We quit for the night and go to bed.

Monday, February 20th:

  • Day off for President’s Day. (Thanks US Presidents.)
    Load all remaining car size items from the Hamlet.
    Unload at the Acres.
    Hot cable guy arrives to connect our cable and internet.
    Spend the day unpacking, moving furniture and setting up shop.
    Put out garbage at the Hamlet.
    Have a home cooked meal with our friends at their place.
    Return to the Acres for some-shut-eye.

Tuesday, February 21st:

  • We both work.
    E-mail property manager to notify him we’ve bought a house and are moved out.
    Request to have Thursday off.
    Get approval.
    Have Friday off as my Pass day.
    Now have a 4 day weekend to finish unpacking and set up Breen Acres.
    Do an internal Happy Dance.
    Property Manager responds and agrees to try to rent the property ASAP.
    This means we may not have to pay rent for the next 3 months if he does.
    Do another internal Happy Dance.
    Start writing this blog post at lunch.
    Go to the Hamlet after work to get the box sleeves for my comic boxes.
    Fit half of them into the car.
    Move final 3 pieces of furniture, remaining at the Hamlet, to the front room.
    Arrange to have two pieces (Desk and Trunk) picked up this week via texts to friends.
    Return to the Acres to unload comic box sleeves.
    Agree to have dinner with a friend who is now a “down-the-street neighbor” from the Acres.
    Return to the Hamlet to get the rest of the comic box sleeves.
    Return to the Acres to unload sleeves.
    Meet friend at Recovery Sports Grill for wings and beer.
    Return to the Acres and move all comic boxes and sleeves to my office.
    Put away all bed linen.
    Sign contract for central Air installation.
    Go to bed.

Wednesday, February 22nd:

  • Mail Central Air contract.
    Finish this blog post.
    Get to work.

To be continued….

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5 Responses to What I’ve been up to…

  1. Victor says:

    How do you remember all this!

  2. anne marie in philly says:

    holy shit! it’s a wonder you two haven’t collapsed! seems like you had many good friends to help you in your journey. let the nekkid housewarming parties begin! 😉

  3. BosGuy Blog says:

    Busy Breen… that was quite the check list.

  4. Geoffrey (Brent) says:

    This post left me exhausted. Not looking forward to doing it myself.

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