No More MADness

Today we say good-bye to our favorite local diner as it closes its doors forever. Miss Albany Diner will close after today and the end of an era will come with it. Not only was this a favorite diner of ours and many of our friends and locals, but we loved bringing visiting friends and blogger buddies here as part of the “Albany Experience,” not to mention seeing our friend, Mark, ACW (Albany’s Cutest Waiter).

Doors opened at 7:00 AM this morning, so Jeffrey and I were up at 6:00 and waiting, first in line, at 6:25 am in 21 degree weather.

This is YNN (Your News Now) Channel 9 News Reporter, Megan Cruz, and her camera man set up outside the dinner. Megan interviewed me outside the diner before it opened, then interviewed my husband, Jeffrey, inside the diner after we were seated.


This was the line of patrons prior to 7:00 am. It kept growing.

Our friend, Matt, joined us at 6:55 AM. Bitch didn’t have to wait out the cold like we did!

We enjoyed our final breakfast, despite the craziness and media everywhere. I took one final picture of Mark, ACW. We said good-bye to him but promised to follow him to the next diner he will move on to.

It was sad but I’m happy we made the effort to be there one final time! I’m sorry for all of you who never got to visit us and join ud for breakfast there, but we can still drive by and see it any time! (For now.)

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7 Responses to No More MADness

  1. Urspo says:

    that is a sad tale
    It makes me even more resolute to try always to eat in ‘the local places’ rather than nasty chain restaurants.

  2. Mark in DE says:

    With its popularity, I’m surprised it closed. Hopefully you’ll find a new Sassy hang-out.

  3. anne marie in philly says:

    well, damn, I will never get the chance…

    are you wearing some of your crocheted items?

  4. Victor says:

    What a pity the diner has closed. I always enjoyed your postings on your meals and the good times you spent there. You and I (through vicarious cyberspace) have our memories now.

  5. Sad to see the old pass away. And, he must surely be ACW!

  6. Raybeard says:

    Such a bitter-sweet experience for you and Jeffrey, S/b. You’ve no doubt got many special memories to mull over. Do tell us when you’ve tracked down sweet-faced Mark in his next place of work.
    Great photos, capturing the feel of this melancholy event – but I’m a bit worried for that guy standing outside in those chilly temps in shorts and with neck exposed. Maybe he too was overcome by the occasion.

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