Busy Bs

We thought we’d be pacing the floors by now as the closing grows closer but, as luck would have it, we have been attending back to back social engagements non-stop and have so little time that the remaining days until we own a house have flown by.

We had the pleasure of enjoying dinner and an all night gab fast with a new couple we met from the recent Bear Night in Albany. It’s always a joy to make new friends. They have two beautiful miniature Schnauzers that we fell in love with, instantly, and made my heart long for the companionship only a dog can provide. It is still hard to conceive of owning and loving a dog that could ever fill our hearts the way Clyde did, but each exposure to the pets of our friends makes the longing stronger and pulls me closer to being ready. One thing we have decided: when the time is right, we will be getting two dogs

Last evening, we enjoyed a fabulous dinner and pitcher of pink cosmos at the home of another couple we are friends with, then attended an art performance at a local theater, the EMPAC, on the RPI campus in Troy, NY. The EMPAC describes itself as so:

“Founded by Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, EMPAC offers artists, scholars, researchers, engineers, designers, and audiences opportunities for creative exploration that are available nowhere else under a single roof. EMPAC operates nationally and internationally, attracting creative individuals from around the world and sending new artworks and innovative ideas onto the global stage.

EMPAC’s building is a showcase work of architecture and a unique technological facility that boasts unrivaled presentation and production capabilities for art and science spanning the physical and virtual worlds and the spaces in between.”

The building is an experience just to navigate and is like a museum of itself. I truly had no idea what the performance would be like or what to expect, merely accepting the invite to see it as an opportunity to spend time with our friends, but it was amazing. A platform had been constructed and mounted in some manner at the top center of the wall space above the stage, with what appeared to be geometric shapes. At first glance, it looked like a 3-D op art installation. As the performance started, music played while a man was lowered on suspension wires and began making his away around the platform and various shapes. We then thought it would be an acrobatic performance (which certainly it was in its own way.) Eventually, though, through the amazing use of lighting and projection, the once generic geometric shapes were transformed into furniture in an apartment and the performer was the occupant, moving about it and doing routine things as a poem was recited, describing his thoughts. Very quickly, I embraced that I was a “fly on the ceiling” looking down from above, watching this man go about his business in his space. His movements were smooth and natural and at no time did he look like he was struggling to appear to be walking upright or moving about casually while he was actually suspended sideways and fighting against gravity and his natural bearings. Several times the illusion of the apartment fell away to give the sense that the man was falling and felt unstable, or to imply movement such as running, bouncing, and flying or returned to the apartment illusion so that he appeared to be lying down or sitting still. It was visually stunning and reminded me how powerful the mind can work to convince us what we’re seeing is real and to make sense out of things that don’t make sense in relation to our normal perceptions. I had hoped to have an enjoyable evening with friends (and I did) but also experienced a totally new art form that really touched and impressed me. I will definitely keep my eye out on upcoming performances and, since it is merely a hop, skip and jump from our soon-to-be new home, it will be a neighborhood theater for us.

This evening we will attend our first ever Superbowl party. We have been promised appetizers, cocktails and conversation with other gay men and, although the game will be on to give credence to the nature of the party, we will not be obligated to watch or pay attention in any way.

Then, we have two days of work and two sets of plans in the evening before our final, pre-closing walk-through on Wednesday at 9 am. Wednesday evening, we will stay overnight in Saratoga, have dinner and cocktails, and be close enough in the morning to walk to our 9:30 am closing on Thursday. After that, it’s operation Paint & Prep for our big move the first weekend in March.

I haven’t packed a single thing, to help stave off the urge to move in immediately. We will force ourselves to take our time and get things done before moving in. We have given ourselves three weeks (which is like 2 months in overachiever, obsessive compulsive time) and we actually have until our lease runs out at the end of May to get all of our stuff out of our current place, so the only sense of rush would be that we place on ourselves.

It’s a big week ahead, for sure.

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2 Responses to Busy Bs

  1. Shawn says:

    It’s Wednesday, I have been out of the country for a couple weeks and am back….just in time to hear how the walk thru goes….inquiring minds want to know!

  2. Urspo says:

    Get sleep
    Keep breathing
    Take breaks
    One step at a time this week, please!

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