Notes on thoughts I had at 3:00 AM when I couldn’t sleep

This all ran through my head this morning for the 3 hours before I got up to go to work:

When you haven’t had solid food in 5 days, every food you smell smell’s delicious.

Your entire worldview can change by simply adding “not” to the question “Why?”

Many people seem to believe that you have to either be friends or enemies; I disagree.

Before approaching someone you have a problem with, honestly assess what your goal is: to make things better between you or to have the last word. The former can do much to repair; the latter will only do more damage. It’s like being upset that your computer is slow: you can either fruitlessly pound on it out of frustration and make things worse, or be patient and look for ways to make it function better.

No matter how many T-shirts you get rid of, you will still have too many. Yet, no matter how many clothes you have, you will still have moments when you think you have nothing to wear.

How you talk about people you dislike says more about you than how you talk about people you like.

Once you’ve known the unconditional love of, and comforting bed time cuddle and snuggle with a dog, it is very hard to live without it.

Animal rescue videos always make me tear up.

I will never find jokes, pictures, videos or skits ,making fun of people for their weight, funny. Ever. And I honestly think less of you if you if you do. It’s wrong to mock people for their looks, sexuality, gender identification, skin color, financial status and nationality; it’s just as wrong to mock them for their weight and size. Period. Humor at the humiliation of others has never appealed to me.

It’s very hard to be hated by someone, but it’s much worse to hate yourself.

It is amazing to me how uncomfortable some people still are with talking about sex.

It’s amazing how all the problems you think you have fade away when you’re in pain. Suddenly, all that matters is surviving and stopping the pain.

I miss eating popcorn and peanuts.

Whew….with all that on my mind, it’s no wonder I don’t get any sleep.

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6 Responses to Notes on thoughts I had at 3:00 AM when I couldn’t sleep

  1. ErnestSewell says:

    PS I’d be interested to hear your thoughts, publicly or privately, on the difference when it comes to making fun of those things – based on stereotype, and the making fun becomes a way to knock down stupid stereotypes.

  2. ErnestSewell says:

    I posted a couple of these quips on my Tumblr, crediting you of course.

  3. Urspo says:

    Very wise of you to write things down when you can’t sleep. The brain does that viz. wakes you up when it gets anxious ‘you won’t remember this”. So getting it out of the brain, and onto paper, helps your brain shut down and you go to sleep.

  4. anne marie in philly says:

    “It is amazing to me how uncomfortable some people still are with talking about sex.” or gay people, or black people, or non-religious people, or serious illness (insert phrase of choice).

    talking = learning = understanding!

  5. Raybeard says:

    Wow, talk about a comprehensive posting, S/b! You’ve got just about ALL of life in that list!

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