I use to envy other people their looks, their bodies, their money, their homes, their jobs, their intelligence and their talents.

Now I envy them their good health and their ability to sleep through the night.

And maybe still their bodies a little…

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3 Responses to N V

  1. I envy anyone who can fall asleep as soon as their head hits the pillow. It usually takes me several bricks hitting my head before I can fall asleep.

  2. buddy bear says:

    In the end, all that really matters is our health. Everything else will generally work itself out.

  3. Raybeard says:

    S/b – we have EXACTLY the same priorities. You know the first through my own blog and your kind comments on it. Inability to sleep ‘to order’ has also been one of the banes of my entire life, made even more noticeable when seeing my cats curl up and, Blackso especially, starting to snore within a couple of minutes or even less.

    You are still at an age when you can envy the bodies of others. But when you get older you’ll be adding ‘wanting to have their younger age’ as well onto the wish-list!
    I bet you wouldn’t scoff at the chance of winning a lottery jackpot either. At the very least it can help to distract from other problems.
    But you are absolutely right. When it comes to wanting one thing above all the rest, it’s good health every time.

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