After nearly a week of a bad cold, 2 painful intestinal blocks in a 24 hour period and 3 missed days from work, I think I’m finally pulling out of this health nightmare that’s been my life for 8 days. I’m exhausted, but the cold is mostly gone and the body is functioning relatively normally again, so it’s back to work tomorrow. I have 9 days to build my strength before our closing and Operation: Breen Acres begins. Here’s hoping I survive that long…

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7 Responses to Painless

  1. Urspo says:

    In Breen Acres, can I be one of the townspeople? How about Mr. Haney?

  2. Gay Groom says:

    Glad you turned the corner.

  3. anne marie in philly says:


    breen acres is the place to be
    farm livin’ is the life for me
    land spreadin’ out so far and wide
    keep manhattan, just gimme that countryside!

  4. Will says:

    Wishing you all the best that I always wish you so that you can enjoy the great transition to homeowner!

  5. Raybeard says:

    The day is approaching like an express train, S/b. We’re hoping like mad that your muscles will soon be back in good working order – as you are yourself, no doubt. Looking forward to reading of your progress – and that the whole thing will have turned out to be easy-peasy.
    Renewed best wishes to you.

  6. buddy bear says:

    Gosh… I wish you all the best!

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