My Answer for Nudism

I was asked:

“What’s it like being a nudist and why do you do it?”

My reply:

“It’s like being comfortable in your own skin around others who are as well. Letting go of all your body issues and shame and realizing no two bodies are alike. It also strips away (literally) judgement on style, taste and expense spent on clothing and allows you to focus on other peoples faces and personalities. Once you’re physically exposed, exposing yourself emotionally and intellectually is easier.”

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7 Responses to My Answer for Nudism

  1. Shawn says:

    (adapted from the classic album ‘Best of Bread’)
    Hey did you ever try
    Really reaching out to the other side
    I may be climbing on rainbows
    But Baby, here goes….
    Dreams are for those who sleep
    Life is for those who keep
    And if youre wondering what this song is leading to
    I’d like to get naked with you

    Oh damn, i just revealed my age!

  2. Raybeard says:

    It’s more difficult for some people for reasons which are physical rather than having an appropriate mind-set. Obviously those with physical handicaps or amputations may, understandably, be especially self-conscious. However, although I like going naked where it’s allowed, I am always aware of the prominent varicose veins in my left calf and ankle (apart from which the rest of my body is unblemished) that it has made me cling to the shadowed areas in saunas, at least when I used to frequent them. (I put on an athletic support-bandage over that calf when wearing shorts in Summer). But I agree totally. You don’t need an absolutely perfect body to take everything off The most important thing is how you feel about it yourself – and when I do do it, it feels great!

  3. N!LoC says:

    i have a question….

    what is the fine line between nudism and exhibitionism ?


    • Sassybear says:

      I guess it depends on why you’re doing it and what you get out of it: if you’re getting a sexual charge from people noticing you naked, and that’s your intent, I would say that’s exhibitionism. If you feel a sense of freedom being naked among other nude people and enjoy being part of such a group without a sexual charge, that’s nudism. As someone who is both, I assure you indulging my exhibitionism is a whole different experience than indulging my nudism.

  4. How does one get to the point where they can do that though?

    • Sassybear says:

      I think it’s like most things: skydiving, learning to swim, coming out…whatever…you just have to take a deep breath, push all your fears or reservations aside and do it. Once you do it, it becomes easier to do it again because you realize how freeing and cathartic and fun it is.

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