The House Story

So, yeah, we’re buying a house.

The weekend of December 2-5, while we were away in Provincetown, MA for the Holly Folly weekend, we decided we were ready to buy a house again.

We met with our mortgage broker on Tuesday, December 13th, and found out we were in very good standing financially and credit-wise to begin looking.

We met with our Real Estate Agent on Wednesday, December 14th, and made plans to get some properties mailed to us. That night we sent back a list of houses we wanted to see.

Thursday, December 15th, our Realtor called us and let us know he’d scheduled for us to see 3 properties the following Sunday.

Sunday, December 18th, we met our Realtor at the first property at 9:00 am. It was nice but not quite right. We hated the second property. The third property was love at first sight. We asked our Realtor to look into it. Sunday afternoon, we played phone tag with our Realtor and Mortgage Broker and indicated we wanted to put an offer on the house.

Monday, December 19th, we met with our Realtor and submitted an offer.

Tuesday, December 20th, the sellers accepted our offer.

Thursday December 22nd, all signatures had been collected and we were under contract.

Tuesday, December 27th, we had both our Inspections done (Septic, Pest, Structure, Radon.)

Friday, December 30th, we had all the results back  and got all the info to our Attorney and Mortgage Broker.

Friday, December 6th we got our mortgage approval and permission to close.

Our target closing date is Tuesday Feb 9th.

We love the house. 1700 square foot cape. 3 bedrooms, 2.5 baths. Living Room, Kitchen, Dining Room and “working space” basement where we will put a home gym. Wood fireplace in the living room and gas fireplace in the master bedroom. Screened in back porch and both an open and covered stone patio area, all wired for cable and stereo surround sound with a gas hook up for grill and ceiling fans. Hook up for a hot tub on the screened porch. Nice size yard, 2 car garage…set up perfect for us to entertain and live. We are very excited to move in and start our new life there. We were keeping it mostly hush-hush until all the hurdles were behind us but we’re pretty much in the home stretch now so we’re letting people know. I can’t believe how fast it happened, but I’m so glad it has all gone so smoothly.

So, who wants to be our first guest?





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10 Responses to The House Story

  1. Mark in DE says:

    Wow, just like on “House Hunters” – you saw 3 homes and then picked one! 🙂 Congrats guys!!!

  2. ErnestSewell says:

    I hope to get to see it sometime.

  3. Congratulations to both of you!

  4. Congrats! That was extremely fast!

  5. skier says:

    No one has claimed the first visitor spot. So I will ask for it.

  6. Urspo says:

    I go away for a few days and you get a house! Way good.
    The Welsh have a custom of ‘first footing’. This is how the first guest who crosses the threshold of the new year or of a new house sets the tone for the ambience. Most folks want ‘a young man bringing food or gifts’ . May it be so!

  7. Raybeard says:

    Truly WONDERFUL, S/b. So VERY pleased for you – and it’s all happening so quickly! I wish you the smoothest, trouble-free move in history. Would so LOVE to have been your first guest, but whomsoever it is, please tell him/her to keep that bed in one of those spare bedrooms warm for me pending my eventual arrival.
    (Oooooh, this is so EXCITING!!!)

  8. Tai says:

    I’m so happy for you guys.

  9. Buddy Bear says:

    It sounds fantastic! Well done!

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