No Regrets

I try really hard not to have regrets, but there are things in my life that have caused, and still do cause, me great angst and I often wish I had made different choices, said and done things differently. There are people I wish I had never met, things I wish I had never done, decisions I regret making. More importantly, I hate the lingering negative feelings, weeks, months and even years after things have happened. I can’t change the decisions I made in the past, so I try to work on eradicating or at least changing the negative emotions I have in relation to the memories and experiences. That is extremely hard to do. I hate that they can still effect me. Wishing things were different is waste of time. Anger and disappointment about the past is pointless. I just wish I knew how to let go.


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8 Responses to No Regrets

  1. Chris says:

    please email me your email address.
    i’m the one who had talked to u about your uncle.

  2. BosGuy Blog says:

    Not sure if this will work for you, but I find that when my mind is racing – rethinking / replaying things done in the past that I cannot change or undo, I tell myself to think of something I did that was positive and helpful. Change the course of your thinking each time your mind returns to those negative vibes that are living rent free in your head.

  3. Brent says:

    When you figure out how to let the past go once and for all, let us know… or better yet, write a book, you’ll make a mint.

  4. Sassybear says:

    Naw…I don’t buy into the hoodoo…life and the universe is random. What I do believe is that we can learn things from every experience…

    • Will J says:

      I agree about learning things from every experience. Nothing (unpleasantness, toil and drudgery notwithstanding) is ever wasted.

  5. N!LoC says:

    what about this…”everything happens for a reason”… well that always gets me through times when i start to regret things..maybe thats why i dont really regret things anymore..


    • Sassybear says:

      Sorry, N!LOC I don’t believe that…I’m a die hard atheist and skeptic and believe life and the universe is random. However, I do believe we can learn something from every mistake and experience, for better or for worse.

  6. Will J says:

    Rule #1: Free advice is worth the price. So…

    Ever think that the way you perceive the world, take in information and make decisions may be somewhat constant? So, because you are who you are (and delightfully so dear man), would you have probably made the same decisions anyway? It sounds as though you (understandably) may have some regrets that you gave some people control or power over your life at some points along the journey. Do you have to give them that power now by diverting your attention to the past? Where, in what direction, and how do you want to spend your time, talent and energy right now?

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