Purging Ahead

We continue on the road to downsizing: The CDs are almost completely uploaded to our computers and have been going to a friend as we finish recording them; this past Sunday we dropped off five bags of clothes to a donation center; and I have two “care packages,” going out to friends tomorrow, of items that will be more appreciated in their spaces than mine. We have a few items on our storage porch that need to be disposed of and have to purge our collection of bed linen, then we’re pretty much down to just the “bare minimum” and I’m not sure there’s much more downsizing to be done. We have been very careful not to purchase anything new, aside from food and toiletries, since the purging began a few months ago. (OK, there was that small Steve Walker print we got in Provincetown for Holly Folly, but otherwise….)

Also, my massive “re-bag and board my comic collection before I move again” project is nearing its end. 4 months ago, I had 6,000+ books to slide into collector sleeves with backing boards. Now I only have about 200 to go and that project will be behind me. I could have had it done sooner, but I’ve only been buying one pack of 100-count bags and boards each week when I pick up my comics to defray the cost a bit.

It is amazing how addictive this process is…the more I get rid of, the more I want to get rid of. By the time we move, we may be down to clothes, laptops, TV and comic books. The thing I’m proudest of is that NOTHING has been thrown away…it’s all been given to friends, donated and on the rare occasion, sold. Nothing added to the landfills or dumps.

I hope to have good news soon about just where we may be going when we move from our current residence but for now, mum’s the word 🙂




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5 Responses to Purging Ahead

  1. And blessings to you and Jeffrey – as the Light increases, and the Year turns.

  2. Life IS about letting go. But sometimes it IS tough!

  3. Glad the purging is making you happy Sean. We have to do that sparingly or when necessary or Stan gets nervous and starts to break out in a sweat. Thankfully, I get to decide when it is necessary.

  4. skier says:

    I think that is on the list of top dreads for when I move out. If I were smart, I would start now. Right, that wouldn’t be the least bit suspicious. LOL

  5. Buddy Bear says:

    Well done! Having all that excess “stuff” just adds stress to your life. When I move into my new home (as soon as my present house sells….grrr..), I am determined to have it as “clutter-free” as possible.

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