I Rest My Case

I did not sleep well last night. After a night of bowling (at which I did poorly, only making my average once out of 3 games) I got home, had a quick snack (I don’t eat before bowling to avoid any food/digestive issues) then headed to bed.

My night was plagued with odd, uncomfortable dreams. Not nightmare level, just bothersome and irritating. I kept dreaming about bad situations and difficult people, all of which stressed me out and left me feeling agitated, even after waking up a few minutes ago. I don’t feel rested in the least.

Fortunately, as today is my pass day, I’ve nowhere to be and can just stay home and let the mood pass. Still, it’s an unfortunate way to wake up and start the day. Perhaps today will be less project oriented, as planned, and more restful, relaxing and quiet in order to balance myself and reset my mood. Whatever the case, I’m glad I don’t have to head out to work and expose anyone to my irritability. Now, if I can just pretend to go back to sleep before Jeffrey gets up to get ready for work, I’ll avoid inadvertently exposing him to any unwarranted negativism.

Damn dreams! Puppies, unicorns, rainbows, friends, laughter and naughty bits tonight, please!

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6 Responses to I Rest My Case

  1. Urspo says:

    Alas the Unconscious has its own agenda. Pesky but important to take notice of it.

  2. Will J says:

    Dreaming of naughty bits might cause another agitated (although somewhat pleasurable) night. Can’t you just daydream (a little bit more) about the naughty bits?

  3. David says:

    I do the same thing… hide when I’m in a blah mood… trying to spare people. Just have a nice, easy day with no stress and give in to the mood so it passes. Have a good day!!

  4. AjohnP says:

    Enjoy the day!!! Don’t let those irritating nights of sleep (or lack thereof) ruin your day off.
    I had no idea that you worked a compressed work week as well (that’s what we call it at my company). I work a similar schedule, but Mondays are my ‘day’ – so I benefit from a long weekend too. Have a GREAT (and happy) day!!!

    • Sassybear says:

      Technically, our agency refers to it as an IWS – Individualized Work Schedule…as it allows for some leeway on how you rearrange your hours and pass day to allow for a full 75 hour bi-weekly schedule. It would be smarter for me to take Monday’s off….most holidays are on Mondays and since our normal work day is 7.5 hours, and I either work an 8 hour or 8.45 hour day, I have to charge 1.5-1.25 hours of time every time we have a holiday since my current work days are longer than the standard work day. (Which i think is ridiculous) If my pass days fell on a holiday, not only would I not have to charge that time, I’d earn a “floater” holiday that I could use any time. OR, I could adjust my hours on Mondays to work a normal 7.5 hours and just add 30 minutes elsewhere. Unfortunately, I’m a die-hard creature of habit and am so used to my current schedule and having Friday’s off that it is hard for me to adjust to the idea of a longer day somewhere or Monday’s off…but we shall see.

      Anyhoo, I plan to sit back with coffee and comics and enjoy a serene morning. That should help calm the nerves. 🙂

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