3 Daze

Today is my Friday. It is my short week and tomorrow begins my 3 day weekend, which I get every other week thanks to a condensed work schedule that has me working longer days 9 days in a row and getting every other Friday off. Since we have no commitments or plans, and I have no doctor’s appointments scheduled (yay!) it is wide open for me to spend as I choose.

I suspect I will spend a lot of time in my comic book room reading, sorting, bagging and filing books and hopefully getting some drawing done as well as some crocheting (those granny squares are begging for attention.)

Until then, I have a 9 hour and 45 minute work day to get through and a night of bowling after that. It will be a long day (and night) indeed. My Green Lantern coffee mug will be putting in some overtime today.

Happy Thursday.

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