I don't get it.

Sometimes, I really despise blogging and some of the people it brings me into contact with. Some people cannot handle any debate or exchange of thoughts without lowering themselves to immature, dismissive and insulting comments. We all put ideas out here in a public forum and most of us welcome responses. Not everyone who reads what we have to say agrees with us so sometimes the comments oppose our viewpoints or take issue with what we’ve said. And sometimes great debates ensue. Sometimes we agree to disagree, sometimes the disagreements are too severe and a parting of the ways occurs.

But what really irks me are the people who appear to have a personal grudge and attack you or the comments you make. They get insulting and crude and can’t allow you to have a say without debasing you with their attitude and tone. They don’t engage in or add to the discussion in a civil and mature manner at all and just instantly resort to that brassy, in your face, fuck you attitude that is so endearing and conducive to intelligent discussion and debate. (Not!)

It makes me want to quit blogging or being part of the blogging world. Seriously. There’s enough ignorance, attitude and cruelty in the world I live in, I don’t need to invite more of it. I’m seriously going to have to give some honest consideration as to whether it’s worth it to remain part of this world that invites such ugliness and whether blogging brings anything positive to my life anymore. I want to interact and be part of this community, but not if it means having to tolerate such immaturity and attitude from smug trouble makers who take pleasure in sewing seeds of friction and strife wherever they go. I just don’t get why people choose to be and take such pleasure in being insulting and vicious. If my choice is to take it or leave it, I choose to leave it.

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12 Responses to I don't get it.

  1. outleft says:

    Sean, unfortunately those are traits well engrained into human behavior. Don’t know what to do about that.Try not to let them get to you? Sounds trite. Whatever you do don’t leave the blogging world! It needs your voice.

  2. Raybob says:

    Idiots and bigots and thoughtless people are everywhere, dear. Good luck trying to filter Life.

    Comments moderation is about as good as it gets in blogland, though.

    The Internet grants a lot of “protection” via remove and anonymity. Not the best place for people to play nice. You are publishing. To publish means to make public. You could also make your blog private, by invitation only.

    Like a ghetto, like a gated community.

    I’ve thought about this a lot over the years of blogging, myself. Now I moderate comments and just delete those I find offensive. When I comment on *others’* blogs (like this), I realize I’m inviting the public to agree, disagree, or to start a fight.

    And I also realize that I can disengage at any moment I choose.

    I get to choose.

    • Sassybear says:

      I’ve long since come to terms with offensive comments on my blog and use comment moderation to simply delete those who are here with nothing productive to say, only to insult and attack. I will gladly allow opposing views so long as their offered in the spirit of counter-pointing and not attacking. My issue is when I comment and post an opposing view on other people’s blogs and then follow up comments tell me to shut up and call me names and imply I’m stupid or a screaming queen. These small-minded people do not offer up viewpoints supporting or opposing anyone, they simply call names, attack and insult, which I realize says more about them than me, but even after 40 years of life and 5 years of blogging, it never ceases to jar and disappoint me how immature, insensitive, insulting and cruel ADULT people will be towards one another, choosing a path of hate and anger over honest discourse. I don’t resent people offering opposing view points, but I often resent how a message is delivered, and I instantly tune out when it becomes aggressive and mean spirited messages. I really am reaching a point where I no longer want to comment on other people’s blogs, but I refuse to remain silent when I read something that I think is sending a harmful message, so that means avoiding other people’s blogs all together. And that’s just sad.

      • Raybob says:

        “My issue is when I comment and post an opposing view on other people’s blogs”

        So … other people being turdly idiots on *other* blogs would stop you from blogging?

        Name-calling is the resort of people who are unable to have reasoned debate. Disengage and move along 🙂 You are never going to change anyone else but yourself. Expectation – especially of others’ behaviors – is premeditated disappointment.

  3. wcs says:

    Oh. I just read another blog and I think I know now what you’re referring to. I know, how presumptuous of me. But, if I’m correct, it puts your post into a more illuminating context. That’s part of the fun of blogging and reading blogs. It’s like a giant puzzle with many of the pieces missing, but if you look around, you might find one or two and the picture starts to get clearer.

    I just love mixing metaphors in the morning!

  4. wcs says:

    You DO get it. It’s the trolls who don’t. I hope you don’t stop blogging…

  5. Buddy Bear says:

    It would be everyone’s loss if you stopped blogging because a few morons’ comments. It would be like letting them win. Besides, I’d miss you!

  6. Don’t let the idiots make the decision for you! It’s not easy to ignore them, but chalk it up to them being miserable and pathetic. Just sing along with Cee Lo “Fuck you – who – who!”

  7. cawfeeguy says:

    whose ass do I need to bust a cap in???

  8. anne marie in philly says:

    I second warren! what would I EVAH do without undie monday and a cosmo?

  9. Warren says:

    Please don’t give up blogging — I read you every morning and really enjoy your humor and outlook on life in general— My advice would be DON’T LET THE BASTARDS GET YOU DOWN– There are always going to be assholes out there who thump their bibles and tell us we are going to hell in a hand basket — Fuck em if they can’t take a joke

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