Change of Plans

What a day! We had panned to just lay around and relax, but friends texted us and reminded us it was LarkFEST and were on their way into downtown so of course we had to get showered and dressed and head over with them to boy watch and check out the festivities….juts one of the perks and obligations of living around the corner from Lark Street.

We did the fest one end to the other and back again, but grew tired of the crowd and were all hungry for something other than fried [insert food of choice] on stick, so we headed away from downtown to enjoy lunch at a diner away from the hub-bub. discussing all the dirt from the latest episodes of True Blood, Project Runway and our newest craze: Misfits.

After lunch, Jeffrey and I decided to do some light shopping to use some gift certificates that were taking up space in our wallets. I managed to find two new neat Green lantern items: a wallet and a mug:

The Mug is super cool. It is just the basic Green lantern Emblem when it is room temperature:

But when you put something hot in it, say, hot water for a cup of tea, it gets all colorful and glowy looking:

This is the the wallet back:


And front:

(It came with a belt loop chain attached, but I just cannot pull that look off, so I took it off.)

We had a much busier and more active day than planned, so we are enjoying our afternoon/evening watching movies while we sit by this wonderful chill fighter:


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4 Responses to Change of Plans

  1. wcs says:

    Awesome! I’ve never been to Larkfest. Every year at this time?

  2. anne marie in philly says:

    LOVE the mug; that is so kewl!

    the fireplace looks so relaxing; hope you are knitting/crocheting in front of it! I turned the heat on the past couple of days; too f-ing cool outside for me!

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