Skip Day

I totally thought I posted yesterday and was surprised to realize I did not. Hmmm. Not that I had anything to say.  In fact, I purposely checked because I couldn’t remember what I DID say…no wonder, as I said nothing. I can only attribute it to being very busy at work and the fact that we have both gotten a bit more active at night as Jeffrey recovers more and I continue my “feeling pretty good” streak. We’ve had company, made some meals and gone bowling this week so far. (I bowled, he watched.)So what else has been going on?

  • Today is the 11th Anniversary of the Civil Union we had in Vermont in 2000. It is one of 7 Anniversaries we have and our third wedding. We don’t really celebrate this one, just acknowledge it as part of our journey to getting our marriage legally recognized.
  • Tonight is the second week of our regular bowling league. I started the season with a book average of 119 and, last week, on our opening night, I bowled 142, 127 and 110. Not too shabby…I beat my average twice and only missed it a third time by 9 pins. At least I didn’t totally humiliate myself. I hope to do as well or better tonight.  It’s a lot different from being on an all gay league. Although the folks in this league aren’t as flippant, flamboyant and flirty, there’s also zero animosity and drama between me and any of the members, so that’s a definite plus. My focus is less on socializing and more on bowling better.
  • It’s a big month for comic collectors as DC Comics relaunches all it’s titles with re-imagined versions of its classic characters in 52 new #1 issues. New costumes, altered origins, etc etc. So far I’m not repulsed. Some relaunches have wowed me, others, not so much. But we’re only one issue in so far and there are several more titles to be released throughout the month, so we shall see. This is not your fathers Superman or Wonder Woman, my friends.
  • One of my professional peers is retiring at the end of the month. Same title and salary as me. I will be taking over his responsibilities and shedding some of my current ones. Not a monumental change, but one I am pretty happy about. It stabilizes my responsibilities a bit and frees me from being the office bitch at large. In theory, any way.
  • We are loving our new furniture. Loving.  It.
  • Sunday is Jeffrey’s 44th birthday. I have done a piss poor job of planning and preparing for it, given all that has been going on.  Fortunately, Hannaford sells cakes and is open 24/7 and I have plenty of markers and paper to make a birthday card.
  • I have been crocheting regularly again. I’m mostly working on granny squares for an afghan, but I whipped up a hat last night to make sure I remembered how to make one. I have to work on my knitted hat again, too.
  • I am still working on re-bagging and boarding all of my comic books.  It seems like it is taking a REALLY long time, but it is actually moving along rather quickly.
  • Fall has started with cold, rainy weather and late dark mornings and early dark evenings. We totally missed out on summer. Boo!

That’s all for now.

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3 Responses to Skip Day

  1. outleft says:

    Well, that was a good update Sean. Sounds like things are going pretty well. Just sit back in the new furniture and enjoy!

  2. Buddy Bear says:

    It’s nice to read a “good news” update. I’m happy for you!

  3. anne marie in philly says:

    YAYZ for crocheting! and jeffrey’s birthday! and bowling! and comic books! and new work tasks! and new furniture! and wedding ceremonies!

    I just might have to hoist a cosmo in celebration!

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