Room for more

This was our sad little living room “for two”

As of this morning, this is our living room for “two or more”:


We’re quite smitten with it!

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22 Responses to Room for more

  1. Thom says:

    This looks really great, Sean!

  2. WOW! Looks great! I would like to schedule a visit when I’m in Albany next month!!!

  3. tornwordo says:

    Looks great! Is it microfibre? Cuz it kinda looks like the same fabric as ours.

  4. JC says:

    Wow what a difference, soon as we finish grouting the new tile floor we will be doing the same thing.

  5. wcs says:

    Oh, you know I will. Ken and I are planning a trip next spring, so get ready!

  6. cb says:

    Much Better! and so inviting!

  7. Raybeard says:

    V-A-S-T improvement! – and good to see that the screen isn’t now the assumed focus of attention.

  8. RG says:

    My couch is the same color, and the same micro fiber! Love the arrangement.

  9. wcs says:

    Sparkling! Like being inside a lovely champagne!

  10. Urspo says:

    When can I visit?

  11. Buddy Bear says:

    Beautiful! I think you’ve found you new calling.

  12. JimAJ says:

    OH! I really like this!

  13. The new layout looks warm and so inviting.

  14. anne marie in philly says:

    ooooooooooooh, MUCH more inviting, for visiting, drinking cosmos, knitting/crocheting, etc.

    I LOVE IT! smooches!

    PS – we finally made it back home yesterday, but not before we passed thru albany on I-87; had to avoid all the flooding in binghamton.

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