Weekend Warrior

It turned out to be a surprising weekend. Since we weren’t on the cape, as was originally planned, since my health took a nose dive last week, I had assumed we would just spend the weekend lounging and relaxing, watching episodes of various television series on Netflix streaming.

And that IS, pretty much, how we spent Saturday.

However, in a momentary surge of energy and good health the following day, we decided to get out of the house on Sunday and headed out to “window shop” for furniture. We had given most of our stuff away when we moved and have been living sans kitchen table or real living room furniture, instead using our small kitchen island with stools for our kitchen table and utilizing our futon as our sofa. We were resigned to not having “real” furniture while living in this current house, due to lack of local availability of affordable and smaller sized furniture. However, much to our surprise, we found some affordable furniture that we actually liked and, after a healthy and in depth discussion and debate, we decided to go for it. We returned home with a nice area rug, cute little kitchen table and chair set (some assembly required) and a receipt for a sofa and love seat that will be delivered this upcoming Saturday. We spent the afternoon clearing off our back porch of clutter, moving our futon out to the porch to make room for the new furniture, assembling the kitchen set and sweeping and mopping the rooms. We then headed around the corner for dinner at a local favorite spot: Bombers Burrito Bar. (I ate very cautiously: taco salad…no beans or jalapenos…mostly shredded lettuce and chicken, of which I only ate about half.)

Monday, as I was still feeling better and we were both excited about the arrival of our new furniture, we continued on with house projects:

  • I finished painting a wall in our kitchen that I had started and never finished (don’t ask.)
  • I cleaned out the microwave and fridge.
  • I moved a few more items around the house.
  • I hung some new pictures in our soon to be new living room.
  • I completely reorganized and cleaned out our bedroom closets and drawers.
  • I did laundry.

While I was a busy bee at home, Jeffrey went grocery shopping, then came home and vacuumed. By late afternoon, we were both tired out, but happy with all the work we had done. We settled in front of the TV while I picked up my crochet needles, which have remained untouched for months now, and re-taught myself to make granny squares. I completed three new squares while half-watching episodes of “Eureka.” I hadn’t realized how much I missed crocheting. I am excited to be crocheting again and working on a project: my first afghan. (Plus, I still have a knitting project to complete: the hat I started with Jay.)

As a final treat, we ordered food from one of my favorite places last night: Ichiban. Although I was craving sushi, I went with Lo Mein noodles and rice, like a good boy. (OK, MAYBE I munched on Jeffrey’s egg-roll, too. Shhhh! Don’t tell my GI or my intestines.)

This may all sound rather lame and humdrum to the rest of you, but it was an exciting weekend for me to be up and around and active and productive. I am beginning to think I might really, finally, be in a better place, health-wise, as I’m going on day 3 of feeling pretty good and normal, with no ill effects from eating or activity from the weekend.

So, yeah, it turned out to be a surprisingly great weekend after all.

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2 Responses to Weekend Warrior

  1. Raybeard says:

    What a stunningly snazzy-coloured shirt! It matches your eyes. But be careful. We don’t want your clothes competing against your own alluring looks.

  2. Brent says:

    I always like to read that you are feeling good. Can’t wait to see pics of the new furniture.

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