Should I stay or should I go now

So here’s my (our) current conundrum:

As you all know, unless you only started following this blog yesterday, we recently moved into a new house rental on June 1st of this year. At the time we found and put a deposit on the house, we still had our dog with us, so we were limited to places that allowed pets (a rare allowance in these parts, these days, for rental spaces). Given that, the house was completely functional and met all of our immediate wants and needs:

  • 3 bedrooms
  • 2 full baths
  • washer/dryer
  • plenty of closet and storage space
  • 2 porches
  • 2 parking spots in garages
  • walkable to work for me
  • walkable to Lark Street, the prime “happening” location in Albany
  • minutes from the hospital that I go to when ever my health requires it
  • 10 minute drive to work for my husband

The property was available exactly when we needed to move, so we jumped on it.

Since we have moved in, we have managed to adapt to the space fairly well and enjoy living there enough that we are not unhappy.  The property manager has been very good so far and handled all maintenance lickety-split: dryer repair, leak repair, stair repair, and paint touch-ups.

So, technically, it’s working for us and we are relatively happy there.

The main struggle I/we have with the house is our rent. (Aside: we are not in a position, financially, to buy a home at this time so please, no questions or advice about why we should buy instead of rent, thank you.) It costs an arm and a leg to live there. It is the highest rent we have ever paid to live anywhere.  Yes, technically we can afford it, but it eats up a lot of our incoming salary every month. It can demand such rent because it is in a very popular area (Center Square) convenient to State Offices for State Workers and Colleges for Students, two of the largest communities of people that frequent downtown Albany. Also, because of the fenced in yard (rare) and the availability of two parking spots (almost unheard of with downtown rentals – we have a major parking problem in the city) it is an incredible find in that area.  However, I just don’t know that I can justify continuing to pay for it another year, and we aren’t so in love with it that we don’t care about the rent or would be devastated to move out of it (like we were the last house.)  In fact, we discuss the rent a lot and whether we should stay or go at the end of our lease. Neither of us relishes the thought of moving again any time soon, but it would be an incredible savings to find a new place to live.

Finding a new place would be pretty easy for us since we no longer have a pet.  90% of the rental properties that we couldn’t consider before, because they do not allow pets, are now considerable. Also, without our dog, the need for a fenced-in back yard, or any yard, is moot. Neither of us are big yard people, so although we can enjoy one when we have one, it’s not really an essential aspect of a home and we certainly like the thought of having no mowing or lawn maintenance to deal with.

We could definitely find a place for half the price and twice the space if we were willing to move out of Center Square, which might mean I could no longer walk to work, but I could still have either a very short drive or carpool with the husband; and with my health issues being what they are, we aren’t really able to take advantage of the nearby restaurants and bars on Lark Street, as we had hoped we would.

But, not staying means moving.  Again.  A year later.  Blecch!

We have a while to think about this. We are only 3 months into our 12 month lease. It might seem too soon for us to worry about this but, as we are debating about whether to invest in some new furniture to make the space more comfortable and ask our property manager to work on some things that would make the space more enjoyable for us long term, we want to decide if we want to commit to stay or go so we can avoid spending money or asking for maintenance on a space we have no intention on staying in come next summer.

What to do. What to do.

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7 Responses to Should I stay or should I go now

  1. Robin says:

    Wow. So many good comments. I just remember how devastated you were getting the news that you and Jeffrey were going to have to move. Then you lost Clyde. You had all of the work and aggrevation of qucikly finding a new place, packing and perging,then having a serious bout of health issues which you still have not recovered from. I think there is a lot to be said for being happy in your everyday environment The right enviornment can bring you great joy. I am appreciative of having our home but I have never been truly happy years, for 20+ and counting. It has always been my dream to live where I am happy; I am still hanging on by a thread. I know it would make a world of difference in my day-to-day but there is nothing I can do about it, until my husband is ready to let go of our place. Ideally you would find something allowing you to have a pet, in the event you decide to have another; at least with a new potential move, time would be on your side. You have already downsized so a second move wouldn’t be so laborous, however, I am concerned about your health in attempting such a big life change so soon. Maybe you can sign one more short term lease, until you have both come to terms with everything and you health is more stable. The important thing is that you are safe, established, and on your way to recovery, in a place that bodes very well for you for now. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend taking any of my advice, as I tend to live a little “too much,” for the moment.

    Much Love!

  2. Urspo says:

    My vote is to stay put. The anxiety of moving again must not be worth the price of the rent.

  3. anne marie in philly says:

    I second fermat69; write it all down, read it, think on it, and your heart and head will tell you what you want to know.

  4. fermat69 says:

    Here’s my two cents. I agree with the above sentiment of going with your heart, but you also have to look at the pros and cons. You and the husband should sit down and list all the pros and cons of living where you are. Then put the list away and look at it again in a month. Did anything change? Is the walk to work a good trade off for less space? Would a cheaper space further away mean you would spend more on gas getting to and fro, so you would end up even anyway? Is the only issue money, or do you feel guilt for not utilizing the ammenities around you to your liking? Or it could be you’re still feeling the loss of your dog and the place is too harsh a reminder. I think you have to talk this over with the hubby and find the real reason you want to move.

    Plus a year lease isn’t really that long. At the ten month mark, you’ll have to make that decision, stay or go. And you’re a third of the way already.

  5. 3rdnlong says:

    My thought is how long till you get another dog ? Once a Dog Parent always a Dog Parent !

  6. Raybeard says:

    What a nasty dilemma! I don’t know if you’ve heard this advice before but here goes:-
    “If you’re in a quandary over what your head and your heart tell you (as I think you MAY be), go with the heart. There’s NO guarantee that it’ll ALWAYS be right, but it’s USUALLY right.”
    I’m sure that other faithful readers who also care for you a lot will offer their own advices.

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