In Fection

I’ve been in denial that there is something more wrong with me than just the usual annoying and painful issues, and have tried to wait it out while living on liquids and getting plenty of bed rest but, as this is my fifth day of symptoms, I realize that this is probably another infection that will only be resolved by antibiotics, so I’ll be contacting my doctor tomorrow. Hopefully, once I’m on meds, I’ll start to rapidly return to at least a shadow of my former self. Since this is basically the focus of my whole life right now (believe me, you can’t distract yourself from this kind of thing) it’s all I have to blog about. Sorry.

On the plus side…living on V8 and Ensure really helps me shed the pounds.

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6 Responses to In Fection

  1. AjohnP says:

    Mercy me….get thee to the doctor and get well!!!
    Certainly keep us posted and blog all you want about it. The sooner you get on those antibiotics, the sooneer you’ll be off them…and back on the Cosmo train!!!

  2. Raybeard says:

    There hardly anything new to add that hasn’t been said before, but that doesn’t mean we’re thinking of you any less, S/b. On the contrary, our well-wishes are multiplying and getting even stronger with time.

  3. JimAJ says:

    I’m sending you an even bigger bear hug!! We all want you healthy!

  4. Buddy Bear says:

    When you are well again, you’ll have to post a pic of yourself with your new, girlish figure. I’m sending positive thoughts your way!

  5. Urspo says:

    Yikes! I get internet to check in and you are ill again. Don’t forget to get enough protein:
    I am taking a nutrition course which emphasizes adequate protein during illness/repair.

    I am thinking of you!

  6. Brent says:

    Well at least you can find something positive… seriously GET WELL!!! Sending huge Bear Hugs to you!!!

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