I typed a kick ass post yesterday from camp but somehow lost it so you’re getting a barebones recap because I’m too tired and pissed to recall and re-type it word for word:

We went camping at Hillside, this weekend,  in Gibson, PA with 4 friends of ours (2 other couples.)  We camped with them for the first time last year (although we’ve been friends for a couple years now) and had such a great time we jumped at the chance to join them again. Last year we went for the Fourth of July weekend, this year we went for Illuminations.

Jeffrey and I had to work Friday so did not get there until 7:00 pm.  The other guys had the day off and had gotten there about 4 hours earlier, so camp was set up and dinner was on by the time we got there. We unloaded our car, popped our tent up, unloaded our snacks and mini-bar, and got to cocktails and conversation right away.  After a fantastic dinner, we had more drinks by the fire, then headed to the nightly camp bonfire to people watch and connect with other friends we might know there. (There’s a always a few.) We kept it an early night as we were pretty tired.

The following day, we managed to have a fabulous breakfast at our site just in time to get cleaned up and huddled under the canopy for what turned out to be a 5 hour deluge. It rained so hard for so long that spirits began to dampen (no pun intended) and our hope of it stopping in time for us to enjoy the evening’s festivities was quite low. I tried writing blog posts, playing computer games, even went for an umbrella protected walk about camp, to stretch my legs and fight the boredom and irritation, before giving up and crawling into my tent for what turned out to be a several hour nap. By the time I awoke, the rain had stopped, dinner was on an everybody’s spirits were much brighter.

We finished up dinner and then decorated our site with the bunch of blue and white of lights and glowsticks we had all brought as part of illuminations. Once we were done and it was dark, we took a tour of the camp to see the rest of the lights. Our friends, who had been several times before, said it was muhc more low key and less decorated due to the rain, but it was still fabulous.

There was the a big party at the bonfire that night, but dinner had taxed my system and I felt I needed to hang close to camp, so Jeffrey and I left the guys at the bonfire and lounged by the campfire for a bit back at our site before heading to bed after too long.

This morning we had coffee and packed up the camp in all the dampness and mud and headed home. The rain sure sucked, but we had a great time anyway and appreciate that our friends had invited us along for the weekend. We hope to join them again next year, in better weather.

We’re home, unpacked, cleaned up and exhausted.

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9 Responses to Camp-laining

  1. David says:

    Sounds like a great weekend… my friend, Eddie Ruiz, goes there (from Philly… perhaps you know him?

    • sassybear says:

      We met a couple guys from Philly, briefly, Saturday night when they wandered through our campsite to see our light display, but I don’t honestly remember them well…

  2. JC says:

    I would have killed for a 5 hr deluge… we haven’t had any rain here is over 2months… having wild fires pop up every other day due to someone draging something along the highway or throw out a cig-butt. …You couldn’t find anything else to do in the tent but sleep? That just sounds like poor planning… lol

  3. Raybeard says:

    Is this pic photo-shopped? – Jeffrey all fuzzy yet you in sharp focus? No, I have to believe that you’re still talking to each other.

  4. anne marie in philly says:

    bears in the woods! and said bears pitched a tent! oh my!

    sorry you were rained out, honey. and no undie monday tomorrow…now I KNOW my day is ruined!

  5. Urspo says:

    you two still make a lovely couple.

  6. Did you get a pic of your tents popped up?

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