Friend by Design

Today, I had the pleasure of seeing in person, for the second time since we met in bloggerland,  Will from Designer Blog.  Our first meeting was almost a year ago to the day and it seemed like no time had passed at all. The hugs were as warm, the smile as friendly, the laughter as charismatic and the conversation flowed as smoothly as ever.

Will stops by and honors me with a visit as he’s passing through on his way to the Glimmerglass Opera Festival in Cooperstown, NY.  Last year I got the extra pleasure of brunching with him the following Sunday in Sharon Springs, but I’ll have to settle for a single visit this time around as we are going camping this weekend so I won’t be a round for a second meet up.

I tried to grab a shot on my outdated 3g iPhone, quickly, as he hit the road and I headed back to work, and this is the best of the 3 I took:

There are few people I have met with such energy and charisma and spirit, and no one I know can make me feel as special as he can with so few words and a simple lunch between friends.  Thanks Will. Miss you already!

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5 Responses to Friend by Design

  1. wcs says:

    Sounds like great fun! Where’d you have lunch?

  2. Urspo says:

    both of you are so fortunate to meet the other!

  3. anne marie in philly says:

    hey, I will be in cooperstown the week of 9/5…perhaps we can meet-up halfway between your town and cooperstown! PM me! smooches!

    oh yeah, and HI to will!

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