Running on empty

I’ve recovered from yesterday’s fall from grace. I had a chance to interact with my friend today and things are very OK between us. In fact, I suspect I may have fretted for nothing, at least from his standpoint, as he clearly did not take it as hard as I was worried that he did.

The fact is, I know I’m a often bit of a worry wart and an over thinker, but there have been enough instances in my life when my suspicions have proven accurate, so I tend to rely on them more than people think I should. I have trusted people, against my better judgment sometimes, to mean what they say and say what they mean, only to discover the wool had been pulled over my eyes. The only thing I hate as much as hurting someone is feeling like a fool or being taken advantage of. So I err on the side of caution, trying never to impose, often checking in and making sure things are OK between me and the people I care about, not taking anyone or anything for granted. And sometimes, I do need a little reassurance, so sue me. I’ve been told I am too emotional and overly concerned about other people and things; well, I’ve met the folks who couldn’t care less about how their actions and words affect others and if I have to choose to be like them and impervious or like me and vulnerable, I’ll take like me any day, thank you very much.

This week has been particularly draining on me, for some reason. We’ve stepped up our socializing a bit and I’ve been trying to burn through some projects that have been sitting beckoning to me to complete.  I’m actually making great progress with the projects and I am always happy to see my friends, but I definitely think I’m running on fumes at this point.

My cup of energy is empty

Despite finishing the work week on my last leg,  there are a couple of exciting (and hopefully invigorating) things happening this weekend, but I’ll hold off mentioning them for now, so I can get a couple of blog posts out of them and actually have something to discuss besides my personal neuroses.

As always, I appreciate the support and kind words.

Group Hug!

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8 Responses to Running on empty

  1. Urspo says:

    not to be running on empty anymore; it is bad on the complexion. Don’t let others suck you dry !!!

  2. Raybeard says:

    Pink is definitely your colour – but I reckon they all are. Hugs too from across the ocean.

  3. JustAMike says:

    When I read your post yesterday, it crossed my mind that a really good friend will have the grace to give you a break and not hold your unintentional consequences against you. After all, who hasn’t said something regrettable at least once in their life? Unfortunately once the words are released, they don’t come back even if you realize it as they are spoken. I’m glad your co-worker reacted the way he did.

    Not that you want to, but I hope you never lose the capacity to be considerate and loving. As you say, there are far too many inconsiderate people in the world.

    I think you should be very proud of who you are and how you feel.

    Mike 🙂
    (a fellow “over thinker”, “deep processor” and “worry wart”)

  4. anne marie in philly says:

    I participate in the group hug…especially with buddy bear (woofy) and you!

    and I second buddy; that shirt looks good with your skin tones!

  5. The hardest one to forgive is usually myself. Go easy on your self. Take care. I so treasure the time I had last summer visiting with y’all. Cheers,

  6. Buddy Bear says:

    Is that rainbow flag in your cubicle at work? By the way, you’re looking extra handsome wearing that colour of shirt…. it really suits you. Woof! Hugs back at you!

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