Making a house a home

Yesterday was a pretty productive day for us. We finished up a couple of house projects, loaded up the car with the rest of the odds and ends we were getting rid of and brought them to my Mom’s (the queen of re-disbursement of all household items), stopped to get my latest stash of comics, mowed the lawn and decided to celebrate by having our first official social event.

We’ve had people here since we moved in, but those instances were either: people stopping by to see the new place since they were in the ‘hood, people meeting here to walk over to Pride, Lark Street or some such event here in Albany, a visiting blogger, friends visiting me while I was ill. This was to be our first official organized, you’re invited event at the Hamlet.

We kept it very small. We invited 7 people, but since it was last-minute, only 3 could make it. We grabbed some stuff to grill, set up the back yard and waited for friends to arrive. As usual with our friends, it was an evening of cocktails (yes, I had my first cosmo in 6 weeks,) conversation, gossip, sex talk, jokes, laughter, and eating bad food to excess.

This was  a gift my good friend, Tom, brought me. (Awesome!)

Sadly, we were not actually able to eat dinner outside, as we discovered we apparently have a black fly problem, which we did not discover until we actually brought food out. So, we stayed inside to eat. I left some citronella candles burning outside while we were eating inside, and we were finally able to head outside later in the evening for drinks and dessert without being bothered by the hoard of winged pests from earlier. (Looks like we’ll be investing in a screen house after all).

This is where we WOULD have been having dinner and where we DID eventually enjoy cocktails.

The guys stayed until about midnight before heading home. It was really good to have people over and to infuse the new place with a little social/friend energy and help cement us into the reality that this really is our home now. I was exhausted and practically passed out once I hit the mattress but it was fun and worth it.

Today, we will enjoy a leisure, lazy Sunday at home and allow ourselves to rest and recover before heading back to work tomorrow, although we MAY slip out to see the new Harry Potter movie if the crazy Potter fanatic crowds have died down enough to allow us to enjoy the movie with a smaller, less obsessed crowd. Or not. The day is ours to do with as we please.

As it should be!

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2 Responses to Making a house a home

  1. Tai says:

    Very nice backyard for hanging with friends

  2. wcs says:

    Wow! The back yard looks fantastic! I hope you have plenty more opportunities to enjoy it this summer! Here, have another exclamation point!

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