It's Oh So Quiet


Well, as is typical for a Friday during the summer months, it is a ghost town in my office. I think I may be one of 5 people here, and the only one on my end of the office. It is the first Friday I have been at work in 4 weeks.  This would normally have been a “pass day” for me, but my Individualized Work Schedule (wherein I work extended hours for 9 days and get the tenth day off, resulting in me getting every other Friday off) was suspended during my recent extended absence due to illness and won’t be reinstated until the end of this pay period, so I won’t have another Pass Day/Friday off (or day off, period) until Friday July 29th.

There is something both enjoyable and depressing about work days like this.  On one hand, no one is here to bother me (something that happens a lot since I inadvertently carved a niche for myself as a “go to guy” for just about everything in my office, job related or otherwise); on the other hand, it’s depressing that everyone else is off somewhere, enjoying a long weekend, nice weather and no doubt having a better time than I am. Not that I hate my job or being here, I would just rather be elsewhere having fun.

Still, it’s a nice, low-stress, relaxed day; it’s Friday; I only have 3 hours to go; and I’m feeling good; so there’s a lot to be happy about.

However, I do wish my husband was not home with strep. Very disappointing considering we just came off of a four week stretch of my being ill and uncomfortable and I was so looking forward to a weekend of feeling good, fun and frolic. We’ve definitely had more than our fair share of woes the last few weeks (and months) and I think we really deserve a stretch of health, happiness, comfort and fun.

It really changes your perspective on things when you’re sick for an extended period of time (on a  fairly regular basis, to boot.) Instead of wishing for big things like road trips and vacations and thrilling parties, as I would normally long for, I’m simply wishing for a night out at a decent restaurant at a table for two, where Jeffrey and I can sip cocktails and enjoy conversation and smiles over a nice meal. Or a long walk in the park holding hands, out in the sunshine. Or a bike ride along the river. Or grilling burgers and lounging in our yard with friends. All such simple things, and yet they’re all things we’ve been denied for quite some time.

Oh well, the only way out is through, so I’ll just take my turn at playing caretaker until Jeffrey is better and we can finally start making up for lost time.

But my patience is wearing thin…

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2 Responses to It's Oh So Quiet

  1. I love the hat on you.

    And I hope Jeffrey is feeling more human soon!

  2. Urspo says:

    It is so nice to see you smiling and ‘complaining’ of little going on – rather than hear you suffer from illness. It makes me happy to see you mended.

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