Eggs Zoss Ted

Started back to work today. Despite 3 weeks of work that piled up, I had a constant flow of co-workers stopping by to welcome me back and asking questions about my illness so I literally got nothing done and was still wiped out by time I got home. The walk to and from work in muggy hot weather didn’t help any.

Ignoring my exhaustion, we popped over to the mall for a quick dinner and shopping spree so I could buy some short sleeve cotton button downs for the summer, as all I have are t-shirts and long sleeve dress shirts.

By the time we got home, I was on my last leg, so we’ve climbed into bed and ordered up a movie to watch while we relax in air conditioning for the remainder of the evening.

FYI: 36 hours until I can have my first cosmo in over a month. Can’t wait ( Yes, I feel your pain John!)

And, hopefully, I can get back to daily blogging again. 🙂

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One Response to Eggs Zoss Ted

  1. Buddy Bear says:

    That was my exact experience with co-workers when I returned after being away for five weeks. It is great to have so many people concerned about you, isn’t it?

    It may take a month or more before you really feel better. Please don’t push yourself!

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