The Man I Used To Be

Well, it seems whatever mysterious ailment swept through me, turning my life upside down for 4 weeks, has left the building. There does not seem to be a shred of evidence that there is any lingering infection or virus (or whatever it was) in me. The doctors concluded they had no idea what it was. 5 doctors ( 4 specialists) multiple x-rays, CT scans, urine samples, blood samples, physicals (exterior and interior) records reviews and appointments and at by the last appointment, I was declared fit as a fiddle. No known cause, no identifiable source of infection. (My urologist says I had a UTI, the infectious disease specialist disagreed.)

It can be disconcerting to have no answers when it comes to my health. And to have my doctors disagree with one another about results and possible causes. But I do feel strongly they all tried their best to work together and come up with something; the illness just decided it couldn’t wait to be named anymore and fled. And it took 10 pounds with it – yay!

I am off all meds (save my usual daily ones.) I feel fine (no lingering symptoms other than an occasional cough which also remains a mystery) and my energy is coming back, if not in heap loads, in acceptable increments. I do have dome follow-up appointments and check-ups for other things that were discovered throughout this time, but nothing life threatening or to cause major concern, so all’s well that ends well, I suppose.

Although I missed most of Pride, 4th of July, several gatherings, a couple of parties, 2 weeks of work and any other event happening outside of my house in the last 4 weeks, I am well just in time to have our first house guest: Jay of  Jay with an “A”  arrives tonight for a short stay. He will be teaching me knitting, I will be (attempting) to teach him crocheting, and we’ll try to show him a couple local attractions before he leaves on Sunday. It will be a lower key weekend than I would normally offer a guest, but as I am just recovering, I’ve warned him he’s getting “Grampa Sean” this time around. It will be fun to have a house guest for the first time,in our new place, although I’m bothered that there are so many projects unfinished thanks to my 4-week hiatus from life. We did manage to get a little yard table,/chairs/umbrella set, get the lawn mowed, do some paint touch ups and organize a little more before his arrival, so I’ll have to settle for that.

I’m off to a doctor’s appointment today (and one more Monday, then I return to work Tuesday.) I want to, once again, thank you for all your concern and words of support here and via e-mail and FB. Even in my darkest moments, it was impossible not to feel cared about. Thank you.

Peace Love Pride and Health


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19 Responses to The Man I Used To Be

  1. Robin says:

    Hey, I am doing it! Commenting on your blog. I must be feeling better too! So glad to hear you are doing better. I am looking forward to your first video since your recovery. Hope you enjoy your company and come back from your illness with greater and more powerful spidey powers than before.

    Much Love!

  2. Tai says:

    You might lost some pounds? I’m glad you’re well.

  3. Urspo says:

    that happens a lot. It is amazing how the body heals itself if we don’t try too much to muck around with it. I concur though everyone ‘wants the answer’ what happened; we often don’t get one.
    I am glad you are well; I was worried. I hope you are soon brandy as a billy goat.
    And – thank you for the card, which arrived today

  4. cb says:

    I wonder if we had the same “virus”. fever. fatigue. some dizziness. General feeling like shit. And it knocked me on my ass for over 3 weeks.

  5. wcs says:

    Glad to have you back. 🙂

  6. Victor says:

    Good riddance to whatever it was and welcome back to health and activity.

  7. anne marie in philly says:

    for a moment there, I thought that was blobby in the top pix!

    enjoy the knitting lesson; I can’t wait to see what you create!

    and I am glad you are returning to the land of the living; we need your voice!

  8. Wayne says:

    I am so happy to hear this! Yeah!!! Have a great weekend!

  9. Will says:

    Great news. Enjoy the weekend and stride out into the world next week, spreading fabulosity and feeling great!

  10. Kelly says:

    Glad to see you are on the mend and looking very nice as well…I knew you could pull through it… pretty soon you will be back to your regular social butterfly self!! Have a great weekend

  11. Jim says:

    YAY! I’m soooo happy that you’re feeling better! Have fun this weekend and I hope that Jay behaves himself.

  12. Sean says:

    I’m so glad you’re well again!

    AS you listed all the docs and specialists you’ve seen, I thought, “no dentist.” It wouldn’t be the first time a pain free mouth was the source of illness. Maybe visit is in order?

  13. Great news! Good to see you back!

  14. Cubby says:

    Greg and I are very relieved 🙂

  15. Raybeard says:

    This is going to make loads of us SO very happy, S/b.
    I just got back three hours ago from visiting my sister for a few days. I catch up on my e-mails – and then the blogs – (yours is the first one I look at, for obvious reasons) – and I find this wonderful news. You’ve given my mood a most positive boost and we now look forward to reading your marvellous back-to-normal blogs again.
    Of course it’s unsatisfactory not knowing what was the cause behind your malaise, as well as the nuisance of your missing a string of worthwhile events, social gatherings and work, but let’s not dwell on that – and I know you’ll absolutely refuse the bug entry through your doors again.
    But, as at now – splendid!
    (And thanks very much for those generous words of appreciation. It was the least we who are so distant from you could feel.)
    Cuddles to you + anything else you want.

  16. Bill J says:

    Perhaps just some cumulative immune system response to all the stress of finding a new place, packing and moving? Whatever!

    Continue care Sassybear

  17. RG says:

    Good. Now I can come visit and we can do that garage thing we talked about. 😉

  18. Buddy Bear says:

    That is good news indeed! Welcomed back!!

  19. Tom Whittaker says:

    I am very happy you are on the mend. It scares me sometimes how unscientific medicine can seem and how it is just each doctor’s opinion. And how much that opinion can vary on the same results. I hope you have a great weekend.

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