Inklings of my old self

I am starting to feel a  little bit like my old self today. Having gone without fever and night sweats or several days in a row, getting some energy back to move about the house and getting outside to run a couple of small errands with Jeffrey has helped breathe a little life back into me.

The appointment with the Infectious Disease Specialist yesterday went very well, I believe. He did a very thorough review of my entire health history, all my recent medical records, CT scans, blood work and X-rays; he asked a lot of questions and follow up questions and then did a very thorough physical exam. His conclusions were:

a.) I seem to be in pretty good health at this point and there are no signs of a current infection.

b.) There is nothing from the reports, our discussions, or my symptoms that give him any reason to believe my infection is/was out of the ordinary, and assured me I had no symptoms requiring him to look deeper for a hidden or mysterious infection, especially since the antibiotics I’m taking are clearly working.

c.) I do not have a blood clot.

d.) All evidence points to inflammations in my bowel, and possible adhesions, twists and or kinks in my small intestines that would not only cause the fever, night sweats, fatigue, joint aches and headaches, but would explain the frequent intestinal blocks that I’m having that, in his opinion, I should NOT be having.

Ultimately, he (the IDS) believes my GI needs to take a close look at my intestines to discover why they are enlarged/inflamed (per the CT scan of my abdomen) and that there may be a need for some surgical intervention/repair to remove any adhesions and abnormal twists in my intestine. This, oddly enough, is good news to my ears, because it puts my recent ailments back into the arena I’m used to dealing with: my digestive/intestinal track.  I was worried that I was dealing with a whole new issue, and I’m relieved that this seems to involve my pre-existing health issues. Don’t know if that makes sense to any of you, but it’s a relief for me that it is not a whole new ball of wax. Also, if this ultimately results in me having fewer or no intestinal blocks or problems down the line, I’m all for it.  Finally, I’ve always felt there was something “wrong” inside, but I guess I just assumed all the issues I was having were normal given my past surgeries and altered insides, but perhaps I have been wrong not to bring these concerns to my GI, and should not have just assumed the various issues and pains I’ve had over the years are normal for me.

I meet with my GI on Thursday.  It is my hope that he concurs with the IDS diagnosis and is willing to do an in-depth exploration to determine if there is, indeed, something that can and should be corrected inside of me. It is a relief to finally have a solid theory as to what is going on and how to pursue correcting it.  I know it’s not a done deal, and I am still not out of the woods yet, but there does seem to be a solid plan in place and that brings me some peace of mind.

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7 Responses to Inklings of my old self

  1. the cajun says:

    Haven’t been around much – what with work, the tourists, and all – so had no idea of this turn of events. Glad to hear you’re feeling somewhat better. As the good Dr. said above, it’s good to have some answers. At least you will know. That said, I hope the news is good.

    Take care.

  2. This is one of those posts that it seems weird to “LIke”, but it’s good that you have some answers!


  3. Urspo says:

    There is nothing like having ‘some answers’ even when it is not ‘good news’.
    I am so glad you are mending.

  4. Bill J says:


    Just take it an inch at a time.

  5. Ray says:

    i am sure all your blogger friends, after reading this post, will feel relief too. At least i am. Hugs and take care!

  6. It all does sound good! Hopefully the cause will be found and corrected! Pulling for you! Hugs! So glad you’re feeling better!

  7. RG says:

    At least now you KNOW something. There is nothing worse than not knowing what’s going on. I’m glad you’re feeling better.

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