I’m adrift in a sea of boxes and I can’t see a way out.


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9 Responses to Boxing

  1. the cajun says:

    Take your time with the boxes. They’re not going anywhere and if they contain things not immediately necessary, relax.

    Welcome to your new digs and new site. Hope you enjoy both.

  2. Urspo says:

    And Naples wasn’t rebuilt in a day either !

  3. Buddy Bear says:

    Rome wasn’t built in a day!

  4. D@vid says:

    One box at a time, hon… I usually (I’ve moved 38 times) put them all in one room and take one at a time to the room that it goes in, unload it, place the stuff and go get another one. This way you’re not overwhelmed and can move in each room.

  5. Reminds me of this post: Your move and downsizing brought back memories of August 2007 for me. My thoughts are with you LOTS!

  6. RG says:

    Make them into furniture shapes, throw some blankets over them and be done with it. 🙂

  7. wcs says:

    Christmas in June! Each box is a present waiting to be opened. Oh, the joy! Oh, the fun! Oh, shut up, Walt. 😉

  8. Tai says:

    Open one box and have one cosmos at the time 🙂

  9. Kelly says:

    Here is a wave from over the boxes… you will be out soon… well, umm… out of the boxes that is… hope the move is going okay… i know you are stressed… deep breathes and lots of cosmos…smooches!

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