New Start

figured the Non-Rapture and almost move was a good time to move my blog over to WordPress, so here I am. Hope you all followed me over.  It appears my posts imported but it keeps stalling on the comment imports. I’ll give this a shot for a week or two and make sure I can figure out how to blog properly from here, then I’ll consider taking down my old blog at Blogger. WordPress Bloggers: I may need guidance as I figure this all out.

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12 Responses to New Start

  1. drummajorkev says:

    Welcome to the Club. Had no internet for blog reading while in Vegas and just s catching up. I found the transition to be very easy for me. After a couple weeks I think you will be very happy with WordPress

  2. outleft says:

    Okay, I think everything is changed Sean. I’ll keep up the old blog up at my place until you are sure you want to stay.

  3. Urspo says:

    I’ve been very please here, I hope you are as well.
    It seems a good time (the alleged Rapture and turning 40) to have a fresh start.

    Besides, there is nothing like a new frock to brighten up your day!

  4. anne marie in philly says:

    you can’t get rid of me by switching blog platforms! good luck with the new venture!

  5. Buddy Bear says:

    My links are changed. Good luck with WordPress! Sexy armpit pic…. grrrr!

  6. Cubby says:

    Welcome to WordPress. I’ll be very happy to help you, just ask 🙂

  7. Ray Carvello says:

    Here I am, still with you, keen as ever to follow your continuing adventures, trials and triumphs.
    Btw You don’t shake ME off that easily – HA!!! 😉

  8. wcs says:

    So far, so good! Do you mean “almost move” as in “it’s almost time to move” or as in “we almost moved but we’re staying put now?” ::??

  9. Welcome to WordPresssss, sexiness.

  10. Robin says:

    Linked! Love your new address. Good luck on your new blogsite!

  11. Tai says:

    Hello! Welcome to WordPress! 🙂

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