>Hello 40!


My birthday started off with quite a bang. Last night, Jeffrey and I went to dinner with my Mom as a pre-birthday celebration. We had a nice dinner at a new place not far from her home, then dropped her back home and got home early enough ourselves to watch “Sex and the City II” on HBO while relaxing before heading to bed.

Before i went to bed, though, there was this very sweet post by one of my newest blogger buddies, D@ve, at “Another Mile Marker.” (Thanks Buddy! I’m still glowing from this.)

This morning, I got to don my special hand made rainbow striped birthday shirt made especially for me by the one and only Ur-Spo (aka Dr. Spo aka Spo aka Michael) at Spo-Reflections. Spo actually mailed it to me a month ago as an early birthday surprise to cheer me up during one of my funks but I’ve been saving it for today to wear it. It looks FABULOUS! Thanks so much spo. I couldn’t look half as spiffy today without this.

(Clyde wanted in on the birthday shots.)

Then I got to work and my co-workers had this little Spider-Man themed birthday display set up, complete with a candy filled Spidey pinata, pez dispenser, gift bag and goodie bags. Not to mention the homemade cupcakes and variety of donut-holes. Apparently, They want to jump start my forties with fattening me up!

My Facebook wall is filled with birthday wishes from friends near and far. I have several e-mails, texts and voice mail birthday messages I need to return. And it’s only 8:50am. I already feel like a princess with all this attention…although, now that I’m 40, I guess it’s time to embrace the fact that I’m a full fledged Queen….and my friends have done a great job of making me feel like royalty today!

Thanks all!

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