>Clean Slate


As I have learned with crocheting, sometimes the best and only thing to when you screw up or are unhappy with how things look is to unravel all of your work and start again.

As my life continues to unravel from this move, I am finding myself wanting to move with less and less, to start over, from scratch, building a new home, one less bogged down with stuff and more utile…to create a space that is serene to us and conducive to a new and different lifestyle focused on our needs and wants and not what our home can provide for others. It is time that I give the focus of my energy and attention to someone who needs it: me.

So I am going to use this new space, this move, this change to be the point of starting over with many other areas of my life as well: eating right, exercising, refocusing on my art and music and worrying less about quantity and more about quality. I want to use my time more wisely to accomplish the things that I know I want to accomplish and I want to devote my time to the activities and people that are actually deserving of it. I am also going to try to ask for more and give less to the people in my life to create a better balance for myself and my relationships.

With every ending, there is a new beginning. Here’s to a fresh start.

(With a nod to a special friend who said a lot of things I needed to hear today. You know who you are.)

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