>Day by Day


Every day is precious and yet I find myself wishing them away until the next big event or significant change happens. There are 1.8 days until my 3 day weekend. There are 13 days until I am 40. There are 27 days until I can move into my new home. There are 44 days until the Green Lantern movie is released. There are 1733.75 days until I am debt free. There are 5493 days until I can retire. I need to stop doing this. I need to just appreciate that I have today. There are no guarantees that I have tomorrow. Do I really want to waste another day waiting for [insert event here]? I know its cliché and corny to say “live in the now” but it really is a great concept. This idea can also be applied on a bigger scale. Instead of being upset every time relationships end or things change, I need to try to just be grateful that they existed or happened at all and move on and appreciate what and who is here now, not mourn for who and what was or wait for who and what might or will be. As I have learned with friends, material objects as well as career changes and moving to different areas, when you lose one thing in your life, it makes room to gain something else. Sometimes it’s just different, sometimes it’s better, but there will always be new people to meet, new places to go, new traditions to start, new movies to see, new objects to marvel at, new foods to taste, new excitement to feel and new information to discover. Shedding the old and growing the new is part of life, part of the endless cycle of movement of time and circumstance. Life is not about stagnation. getting stuck in the past and fretting about things beyond our control is pointless. It is one thing to step in the proverbial mud or quicksand now and then and struggle a bit to get through and past it. It is another to choose to stay there and not even try to move forward. I need to focus less on the “What if” and more on the “What is”
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