>Let's Face it


I won’t lie…I got drunk last night. I even woke up a little drunk this morning.

Not intentionally, per se.

We had to take down my artwork from the gallery last night. Since we were already downtown, we met friends after for dinner, then headed to Rocks for drinks, something we have not done in some time. I had a few cosmos and I did get a bit tipsy…I wasn’t trying to get inebriated, I was just trying to have a good time, hang with my friends, flirt my ass off and let all my worries and cares melt away for one evening and that resulted in a few friends buying me cosmos and one on the house and – VOILA – slurred speech and a little silliness. But, I was with my husband and good friends, not driving and it was Friday night with no commitments this morning so no harm, no foul.

I have made the decision that no more packing, prepping, or purging need me done before May 1st (tomorrow) so we are just enjoying the day, having lunch with friends, running errands and then probably grabbing dinner before going to see Rockapella at the Egg tonight.

But, no fun day can start without a good shower, shave and self examination of this aging face of mine, so I took some pics while I examined what an (almost) 40 year old face looks like on me. It’s weird how I think I know what I actually look like, but I still see that terrified , closeted, little 13 year old; or that single, lonely and depressed homely 20 something, dude; or that 260 pound man; or that poor and struggling retail clerk, when I look in the mirror. So many memories of who I was and ghosts of the past “me”s buried in my face and eyes but so little recognition and so much unclarity of who I am now or will be. I am better at knowing who I’m not or not anymore, than I am of knowing who I am.

What do you see?

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