>Wishful Thinking


I want:
  • My new house decorated (sparsely) with furniture from Ikea
  • An iPhone 4 or 5
  • A complete run of the original Teen Titans series
  • A Halloween costume of the original Green Lantern, Alan Scott
  • A Green Lantern emblem tattoo, preferably done by Erik
  • My nipples pierced
  • To go on a vacation almost anywhere
  • A thinner, more toned body
  • Larger balls (literally, not figuratively)
  • My large intestine back (to regain an ability I lost when it was removed)
  • To meet the blogger buddies I haven’t met yet
  • To see some of the blogger buddies I have met, again
  • To have our move over and done with so I can stop obsessing about it
  • More confidence
  • To fly in a plane again
  • Dress up for holloween with joker grillz and the whole costume.
  • Less shame (about my body) and guilt (about everything)
  • More time to draw
  • To quit my job and stay home and be a house husband
  • (Or) to retire
  • To go on a cruise
  • To fulfill my private fantasies and stop just fantasizing about them
  • To be able to eat with abandon whatever I want with no repercussions
  • Equal standing under the law
  • To move to Canada
  • New episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer
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