Sunny side up

WELL, talk about the clouds parting….

Last night I went out with a gang of people I met and know solely through our bantering on a mutual friend’s Facebook wall. They are this mutual friend’s high school classmates and their spouses/girlfriends and this is the second gathering they have invited Jeffrey and me too. Last summer it was to a gathering at the Saratoga Racetrack. Last night, we gathered at one of their houses in Saratoga and had drinks before hitting a bar on the main strip for more drinks and pool. There was a lot of gay/straight banter (just like on Facebook). For a bunch of straight guys, there sure was a lot of ball palming and ass touching. And none of it was done by the gay guys. I’m just saying. We had a great time getting to know them all better and I think we’ve really made some solid connections with all of them. We’ve already been invited to the next party this summer and I’m hoping we can make it.

Got home quite late and a bit inebriated and headed to bed. Woke up this morning to sun pouring through the window. Hubby was off doing a Sunday service, so I texted a couple friends and met them for breakfast at a nearby diner. A great start to a great day. I have no plans other than to enjoy the day possibly spending time with friends….with nary a cloud in sight, figuratively or literally.

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