>Boston Bound


I am leaving my husband to his own devices this weekend and heading out on on a mini-adventure today. I am off to Boston, MA to visit my friend, Jen, and hopefully get to meet at least two bloggers to add to my “Bloggers I’ve Met” list:

Rob of Dulce Y Peligroso and Rob of BosGuy.

(Any one I’m missing? It’s a short weekend, but I’m happy to try to squeeze in more Blog Buddy goodness.)

Trips like this always fill me with anxiety.

  • I am not a lone wolf.
  • I prefer not to drive long distances by myself.
  • I prefer not to drive. Period.
  • I get lost easily.
  • If something happens to the car I’m like a Republican at an ethics convention.
  • I worry I will have a health issue.
  • The bloggers I meet will hate me in person.
  • Any of Jen’s friends I meet will hate me.
  • I’ll break something valuable of hers.
  • I’ll have a stroke in the car on the way there, veer of the road into a ditch, hidden from view with no witnesses and lie there until my body rots and no one will ever know.
  • Worse yet, no one will miss me.
  • I will miss days at the gym.
  • Jeffrey will realize he’s happier alone than he is when I’m there.
  • I will get kidnapped by Aliens.
  • Everyone will stare at the wound on my forehead that has shrunk since I got it last weekend but is still dark and dead center enough to be the focal point of my face.

However, I have gotten so used to these anxieties that they are actually part of my trip prep and I pack them along with my sucks, undies and shaving kit. I may be afraid of the world, adventure and being on my own for any length of time, and prefer to stay within my comfort zone (10 feet from my house or husband in any direction) , but I’m not afraid of being afraid because I have been my whole life and I stopped letting that stop me a long time ago. SO I step out of and away from my comfort zone and make these plans knowing, in all likelihood, I will have a safe and uneventful drive, I will get to spend time with my best girlfriend, I will get to meet other bloggers and I will have a fantastic time.

As every gay man knows, the most important part of planning and prepping is deciding what to wear for your arrival. I decided super hero togs are not only indicative of my likes,and fun to wear but also inspirational for finding that hero within to brave the big scary solo drive to another state.

So I went with good ol’ Spidey in the hopes that I, too, can do whatever a Spider can, especially if Spiders can travel to their destinations, without getting lost ,i in a timely manner. [They always LOOK like they know where they’re going and seem to move pretty damn fast. At least they do when I try to catch and kill them when they are crawling on the wall in my bedroom and duck behind a piece of furniture, out of sight and my reach, requiring me to pack up and move because…uh uh…I ain’t living with no spider laying in wait to kamikaze kill me by crawling into my ear while I sleep and laying assassin spider-babies in my brain.]

I tried to snap a pic but, it didn’t get the shirt well:

So, I did something I NEVER do, since I’m being all gutsy and out-of-comfort-zoney:
I asked a co-worker to take this picture for me:

And – in case you’re wondering – yes, the carpet matches the drapes:

I just got permission to leave work at 12:30. I’m supposed to get their around 5:30 pm to meet Jen after work, so that builds in about 2 hours of “getting lost” time and ensures I SHOULD make it before dark.

Should being the key word.

Wish me luck. And If I don’t make it back alive, I’ll have my iPhone so I can continue to blog until the starvation and wounds from whatever accident I got in take my last breath or the battery dies. Because in a life or death situation, it’s far more important to use the last energy of my phone battery to blog than call for help, right?


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