The bad thing about technology, especially with all the venues I have to record words and pictures and places where people connect is that, no matter how much time and effort I put into trying to purge certain images and people and names from my on line and digital life, every now and then something pops up somewhere that reminds me of someone I don’t want to be reminded of. Someone who once used to be such an important, positive presence in my life and now whose image and name only fills me with dread and sadness and anger.

I wish there was some program we could use, that would allow us to attach a name and photo, that would go through our computer, systems and profiles and wipe out every shred of evidence that they ever existed (well, at least from our computer and on line life anyway.)

There are just some people I don’t want to think about or be reminded of and it can be very jarring, despite my best efforts to avoid doing so, to come across a picture that once filled me with so much joy of happy memories and now only makes me feel sick to my stomach, to see a name that makes me regret every opening myself up to and trusting some people. Like a rotten apple, I have no desire to taste it, because no matter how much I try to just remember the good parts, the bad parts taint the flavor too much to enjoy it.

It was so much easier when we could just burn unwanted photographs and letters.

Perhaps I should have stayed a luddite.

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