>Drawing to a close: a confession


Ever just have one of those incredible weekends when everything seems to have gone perfectly and you want to capture every detail in a blog post to share it and keep it for posterity but you just can’t seem to get it out into words?

That’s been my weekend. From arriving home Friday to find a homemade 7-up cake and beautiful card of congratulations waiting for me from my dear friends Tom and Dale who could not be here for my a gallery opening, to sitting here naked blogging in my “new” office that I set up in the bedroom of our (ex) housemate now that he has moved out, I have just been on a high that I never want to come down from.

As you can see from the pics in my prior two posts, it was a fun filled evening at opening night of my show. The feedback has been overwhelming. Of course, 98% of the positive feedback has come from my amazing and supportive friends, but there were a handful of strangers who made a point of telling me how much they loved my show and work and look forward to seeing more. Although I “only” sold one piece, the point was never to sell my stuff but to SHOW it; none the less, it is incredibly flattering that someone actually paid money for something I did and wants to hang it in their home. To say I am inspired to devote more time and energy to new works as an understatement.

The oddest thing is how so many people (friends) commented on how they never knew I was an artists or had the ability to draw. In all my years, of all the things I am open and come out to people about and share and blog and Facebook about, apparently I have done very little talking about or sharing of my artwork with very many people.

The truth is, I have never really told anyone that I was an artist because I never thought of myself as one. Sure, I spend hours on end (or have in the past) sketching and inking and drawing images and have apparently collected enough work to frame and hang in a gallery, but somehow that never translated into my feeling like an artist. I guess when I abandoned my dream of becoming a professional artist, I just figured I’d never BE an artist. But the single greatest thing that came out of this weekend is that I realized I AM an artist.

I’m an artist because I have a desire and need to create artwork for my own pleasure. I am an artist because few things thrill me more than to have a pencil in hand and to render an image onto a blank canvas that is sitting in my head and has to get out. I am an artist because my artwork is a personal piece of myself and I take great pride in the work I do. I am an artist because I don’t create for the sake of making money or impressing people, I create because I enjoy creating. I am an artist because just like being gay, a nudist, an atheist, and a comic book geek, it is part of who I am and what I do and what helps define me and my outlook on life.

So this is my official coming out to myself, my readers, my friends and the world:

My name is Sean and I am an Artist. Always have been, always will be.

Now, who wants to come up to my office for a private showing of my pieces?


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