>P-art-ing thoughts


Sorry I’ve been “skeletal” blogging. I have so much I want to say but all my focus has been on the show this week. Here’s a quick catch up on things:

I am just 5 hours away from the opening and I am getting hit with the worst case of nerves I have had in forever. My hands are actually shaking and my stomach is doing somersaults. It’s odd how I am so comfortable with exposing myself in so many ways but some attention and exposure still scares the living hell out of me…like this show.

I have an audio file of my HomoRadio interview from last week that my amazing friend Rich from A Work in Progress arranged to have made for me. I will share it here as soon as I figure out how to upload it. I never realized how really, really, flaming gay I sound. (Not that that’s a bad thing…I’m just sayin’.) I was touched he did this for me. *hugging Rich now*

Our housemate, Josh, moved out this morning, so our home returns to a two person occupancy. I had no idea how hard it would be for me/us to share our living space with someone, even a good friend, for 9 months and, with all due respect to our friend, it is a relief to have the house to ourselves again.

I hit the gym 4 days in a row this week (Saturday-Tuesday) and did great with cardio ( 3 mile treadmill runs and spinning class) and weight routines (back/shoulder/arm/leg/chest) but I missed Wednesday and Thursday (and will miss again tonight) due to getting ready for and hosting the show. I return tomorrow morning to my work out routine. I’m meeting a buddy that met me last weekend at the gym to help me get back on track with my work outs. He has graciously agreed to work out with me on weekends. We can’t make it work during the week because we’re on two different work/workout schedules during the weekday.

Gay bowling has ended for the season, save for our banquet and awards meeting on April 17th.There was a lot of tension this season and it is good to leave that all behind. it’ll be nice to have no commitment Sundays and to save the $200.00 a month it costs us to bowl.

The threat of a snow storm for today was overrated (thankfully) and we got a mere dusting (Yay!) so it shouldn’t impact attendance at mu show tonight.

I don’t “do” April fool’s day. Too much potential for harm, humiliation and jokes-gone-awry. I’m not a big fan of pranks. I don’t like thinking I can’t trust what people tell me, even if for just one day and meant in harmless fun. I am fooled enough in real life by people who don’t mean it harmlessly, thank you very much.

I am leaving at 2:30 today to get home, shower, shave and dress (I have NO idea what to wear) and get to the gallery before the show opens at 5. We are serving wine, cheese and pastries, I have an 11 hour play list of jazz (David Sanborn, Ella Fitzgerald, Manhattan Transfer) to play for ambiance and Jeffrey will be with me the whole time. About 30 of my friends and a few co-workers have all promised to come by and I have no idea how many more to expect that did not RSVP to my Facebook Invite or may be coming as part of the 1st Friday event.

One way or another, I’m sure this will be a night to remember, for better or for worse.

I hope to have some pics to share of my work and the event.

Thank you all for your constant stream of encouragement and support. I truly wish everyone of you could be there so I could hug and thank you in person.

And finally, a special thanks to Alan Illagan, for offering me a spot in the gallery to show my work and handling all the PR. He’s truly a prince and a dashing fella to boot. Consider yourself hugged and appropriately manhandled, AI!

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