>Friends decorate our lives…and our home


I am not a man given to having things in my home that don’t have some kind of meaning to me, whether it’s rainbows to show my gay pride, bears to represent the men I’m attracted to and identify with, colors that I love (greens and purples are my favorite) or objects that have some memories or significance attached to them. I don’t decorate based on a specific style or in-season fad. I like to decorate my home with items from or representing the people in my life that are a constant reminder that they are a part of our chosen family and my life. Hence, when a friend has a yard sale or some such, I love to go to pick out an item or two (or twenty) to support them and bring a little piece of them into our home.

This morning, we went to a dollar sale at the home of a couple we are good friends with. They are great people and we knew they would have some interesting items. Every event at their house, no matter it’s purpose or simplicity, always turns into something of a soiree, so donuts and bread and coffee and bloody maries were served and several of our friends met there to shop and sip and sample and gossip. It was a fabulous time and we left with some great items. Here are the favorite ones:

A camel figurine

One of the first movies I ever saw in a theater was Raggedy Ann and Andy: A Musical Adventure. I had to be about 6 or 7. In the movie, the Raggedies meet a stuffed patchwork camel who has lost his tribe and they befriend him and promise to bring him home to live with them. Towards the end of the movie, they make it home but the camel gets left out in the rain while the other toys are brought in to be dried and cleaned and warmed and loved. I cried so hard, because he got left out in the rain, that my Mom had to take me out of the theater. It was years before I saw it again and realized he had a happier ending than that, so for most of my young life, I loved camels out of my sympathy for the patchwork camel who got abandoned. My Mom bought me a stuffed camel and told me it was the same camel and I could love him and give him a home and keep him safe and warm and dry (I believed her that it was the same camel.) So this camel reminds me of that patchwork camel and now sits on our mantel, a symbol that our home is always a welcome shelter and haven of safety, warmth, comfort and love for a our friends so they know they always have somewhere to go and someone to go to and never have to feel alone.
A silver framed mirror.

We do not put photos of our friends up in our home, primarily because all the photos we have are digital, but also because I never want a friend who’s picture isn’t up to come over and feel they didn’t make the cut. This will now allow me to have a picture of every friend that comes into our home whenever they are here, because anyone seen in this “picture” is someone we care about and welcome into our home.

Peanuts Gang Cookie Cutters

I LOVE cookies and I love the Peanuts gang. I used to own and read all the collected strips over and over and always felt connected to the idea represented in the strips even at a young age. It should come as no surprise that I connected strongest with Charlie Brown (still do.) This just seemed a given that i should have these.

Matching wicker box lamps

I have always loved this style of furniture and I love lamps. (I LOATHE overhead lighting of any kind.) Since we had already purchased a grandfather clock from these guys a while back that fills our home with a melodic chime every half hour, it seemed fitting to also have something of theirs that illuminates and warms our home as well.

There were also a few books, some kitchen items and a vase or two. But the most valuable and cherished item of all was another memory of a great morning spent with friends.

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  1. RG says:

    >Down-lighting is so very harsh on the skin tones. LOL

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