While Jeffrey had an in home massage this morning, I headed out to Earthworld to get my comic books, pick up some new sunglasses and have the left headlight on the Nissan Versa replaced. Then, I met some friends for lunch at Wolf’s 1-11. After that, we all went to see “I am Number Four” at Colonie Center Regal Cinemas.

Following the movie, I popped home to get Jeffrey and then we headed out to meet two other friends at Proctor’s Theater to see an A Capella contest concert featuring 6 local college A Capella groups.

Now we’re home in bed with Clyde watching “Better Off Ted” on Netflix streaming while I catch up on blogs on my Mac Book Pro.

Be awed by my jet setting, product placement life!

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3 Responses to >Itinerary

  1. Buddy Bear says:

    >What? No pics of that in-home massage?

  2. Brent says:

    >sounds like it was a great day… and boy… are your eyes blue in that pic!!!

  3. Will says:

    >I appreciate that you are so diligent in keeping those of us with slower lives abreast of the absolutely most current and fabulous products and events. I am in awe of your mastery.

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