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6 Responses to >Exercise-cism

  1. D@vid says:

    >First of all… how adorable do you look in that video… I just wanted to give you a big hug. I've never heard your voice before… I feel like I know you more now.I had a similar plight a few months ago. I used to lay there on my bed with all the tools to be successful, but somehow couldn't make the move. And the first move is the hardest. Once the ball is in motion, it all rolls, trust me. I am an all or nothing type person… I'm not sure what snapped in me some 50 days ago, but I can tell you that the reward is definitely worth it. While I'm not where I want to be yet, my lifestyle has changed so much that I don't even remember how it was before… and can't imagine why I would abuse myself so much.Just get to the gym one time… you owe it to yourself… and I promise you that the rest will follow. A lot of this involves having a self-worth believing that you are worth it… and you deserve it… and guess what? You do. It took me three months of beating myself up… you'll find your time… until then, don't beat yourself up so much.

  2. Cubby says:

    >I am so with you Sean.

  3. RG says:

    >I've got a home gym that is sitting in my living room right now, masquerading as a $500 clothes hanger, that I have YET to use this winter. So, you're not the only one in this boat of non-compliance. I know why I'm not exercising – I'm lazy.Maybe you need a video one-on-one with Dr. Spo.

  4. >Similar "boat" here. For me it feels like there aren't just enough hours in the day.Granted, I've just started going to the gym last week for the first time in years, but I'm still having a hard time going. There's so much that I feel I need to do, but when to do it all.I hope you can get it figured out for yourself.

  5. Nick says:

    >what about more sexercise? *smiles*

  6. Sue says:

    >You need to find an exercise that you just love to do. I know how difficult that is in the Winter. For me it is bicycling. I wait patiently for the snow to clear so that I can get back out there. When you find one, you will worry less about getting to the gym, because you won't have to as much. 🙂 So pick one! Is it swimming? Running? Playing tennis? Bicycling? Roller blading? Walking with a friend? Any of these will do to control your weight gain.Then when eating, limit your portion size. Eat only half what you are eating now. That's right. HALF. Make up for the shortage with salad. Eliminate creamy dressings on salads and in sauces. When preparing a meal focus on the vegetables and lower the amount of meat. Eliminate all starches with dinners. No pastas, potatoes, breads or rice with dinners. No desserts either. Do those as a afternoon snack. Eat more fruits. I know this is a lot, but you have to start somewhere. You may be doing all or some of these things already. But, you did ask for help. Didn't you? Be healthy!http://fairviewsue.wordpress.com/

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