I’m afraid to look…is there a Bear behind me?

Today started with a wonky “I’m shutting off in the middle of the night” furnace that left our first floor 59 degrees, then a walk to the car in 1 degree temperature which dropped to -1 by the time I got to work.

I had a “Part 2” of project from hell at work, on top of having to cover for someone who’s been out for two days, so I was a busy busy bee.

I have stalled on my latest crochet project and need to get going on it.

I still have more art work to complete and frame for my April show and need to get going on THAT as well.

Someone did something cruel to someone I care about, anonymously of course, because most mean people are cowards, that has me upset. I’ll never understand people who get pleasure out of hurting (or trying to hurt) others for no reason other than pettiness or a perceived personal slight. It’s sick and twisted and I hope Karma is real and bites them on the ass. There are people I severely dislike or feel slighted by but I would never harass or hurt them because of those feelings. People are just mean.

Tonight we are heading out for our semi-regular “Girls and Gays” night. 4 girls, 3 gays (no cup) and a LOT of junk food and wine. I always go swearing I will not partake of the compulsive snack fest and every drive home afterward I whine and moan about having eaten too much because I did. Sigh.

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2 Responses to >Catsup

  1. >No cup!Think I'm living proof that Karma is most definitely real and perfectly capable of biting people on the ass.

  2. Cubby says:

    >Hope you chose a good box of wine for your night out 😉

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