>Reality Bites


We sat down this morning to look at the cost of the various events, vacations and trips we have discussed going to/on this summer. We knew we could not do all of them. What startled us was discovering that we really can’t do any of them, not without taxing us so much financially that we will have to accept being broke both before and after. We were reminded, once again, that we just aren’t where we need to be financially to take the trips we want to, to do the things we want to do and to see the people we want to see. It is very sad and disappointing to work hard all year only to discover you can’t take any of the vacations you feel you’ve earned. Sigh.

So I guess 2011 will once again be a summer stay-cation at Chez Breen, spending our summer having cocktails by the pool with friends and grilling burgers and dogs and dreaming about the day we can also travel to see the friends and places and go to the events we want to.

I know I should be grateful for the life we can lead at home (I am, I really am), even without the trips, and shouldn’t greedily want for more, but I can’t help feeling disappointed that all the things we want to do are still so far out of our grasp.


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10 Responses to >Reality Bites

  1. D@vid says:

    >I scaled my life down so much that I'm able to get away spontaneously, and sometimes, I'd still just rather stay at home. I'd love to have someone to have a 'staycation' with. 🙂

  2. Ur-spo says:

    >We are feeling the same way; we are cutting out trips and plans to 'save money' but I hope our at home dos are pleasant enough.

  3. Mark in DE says:

    >I know how you feel, as I'm in the same place. Having been unemployed for the last few months and knowing it will be another few months before I start making money again in my new career, I have resigned myself to stay-cations in 2011 like you. I think the key is to be creative and make the BEST of it.

  4. >I am totally feeling this post… in the worst way. But I also think that grilling burgers and sipping cocktails by the pool sounds like a total vacation right about now…

  5. raindog469 says:

    >We've had to face these same issues ourselves this winter, and still face them in the coming months. The most we'll be doing until fall is a weekend here, a weekend there, all within a couple hours of home. Now, when we win the lottery, we'll have a place for you guys to stay in at least one of the places you love, and we should be able to repay at least a tenth of the hospitality you've shown to us and so many others. I'll keep paying my idiot tax and let you know when your wing of our chateau in P-town is ready.

  6. RG says:

    >Baby, I'm scratching those lottery tickets as fast as I can! I'll fund your vacations if I win. Of course, you and Jeffrey will have to put out on occasion, so there's that. 😉

  7. wcs says:

    >But wait! Didn't you just get back from a weekend away bowling? That counts as getting away, doesn't it?! As do any other little weekend things you can do, which can be very fun and very economical.But I agree with Ron, you will get there one of these days. And maybe you'll even get to come to France!

  8. Ron says:

    >There will be a day when you can take the trips that you desire to take now. And when that day comes, take as many as you can for too soon old age arrives and then you don't have the energy to take those trips. I know.

  9. >Oh that's really disappointing. I hope many bloggers will come over your place this year.

  10. anne marie says:

    >well, perhaps I can visit in the spring and cheer you up! looking forward to meeting you in person this year!

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