>I've Been Framed


I stayed home today to get some more rest as I ride out the tail end of this stomach bug, but I ended up spending the day framing my existing art work for my gallery show in April. It has filled me with some pride and some trepidation as I see my artwork collected in frames like this.

Anyhoo, sadly, I have to get ready and head to a wake for the father of a dear friend, so that’s all I have today.

Please hug someone you love today. You just never know….


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2 Responses to >I've Been Framed

  1. Breenlantern says:

    >Tai: A "wake" is what we have when a person dies. Family and friends are invited to visit a funeral home to pay respects to the dead and their family. Sometimes the body is there in the room in a casket: sometimes the casket is open so you can see the body and some times it's closed. And sometimes the casket is not there at all. The body is then buried within the next few days.

  2. >What does "a wake for the father" mean?Are you going there to wake him up?

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