>Statistically Speaking


I’m still battling the “belly bug” but after leaving work early Tuesday and taking Wednesday off, I had to force myself back to work today as my sick time is not infinite and there’s work to be done that only I do.

I want to take a moment and congratulate Cubby from Patently Queer for being my 50,000th page hit/visitor on Idle Eyes.

Cubby was also my 25,000th hit and I failed to recognize him so hopefully I’m making up for that here and now. Cubby was very excited and put some effort into being 50,000. Congratulations Cubby! Well done. See you at 75,000!

I will be honest…despite having counters and trackers galore on my blog, I rarely even take notice of how many people come, where they come from, or who’s following me. The only real reason I know I get visitors is because of the comments and/or when a fan introduces himself (nods to Dan and Brian). Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE that anyone at all reads my blog and I absolutely appreciate and value any and all comments (except spammers and malicious folk) and followers, but I’ve tried to focus on writing because I WANT to, not because I hope to get followers. I supposed I could inject more porn, pop culture or political commentary to drum up followers, but none of those are my niche and there are so many people who do it better. The closest thing I get to porn, and perhaps my greatest achievement and most popular posts (although it has dwindled off) is/are Undie Mondays. I felt somebody should start putting the spotlight on all you non-famous and non- model men who are equally sexy and handsome (at least to me), so I did feel I was (am) contributing something different new to the “sexy men” category of pics on the web. But I digress.

I decided to take a peek at some of the statistics on my blog just to see who’s reading and, honestly, I’m not sure I understand what some of it means, but here are some stats I cobbled together about my blog and life since blogging:

  • I started blogging on September 5, 2006
  • As of September 5, 2011, I will have been blogging for 5 years.
  • I have been blogging for 1,570 days
  • This is my 2,276th post
  • I have averaged about 1.5 posts a day
  • I have lived in 4 different places since I started blogging.
  • 26 people have signed my guest book
  • 84 people follow my blog
  • I have had 50,465 page views as of this post.
  • My stat counter currently reads 327,304 (is this number of hits? Reloads? What?)
This is where my readers are coming from:

  • United States [75%]
  • Canada [5%]
  • United Kingdom [4%]
  • Germany [3%]
  • Ireland [2%]
  • South Africa [2%]
  • Italy [2%]
  • France [2%]
  • Netherlands [1%]
  • Malta [1%]
  • Spain [1%]
  • Egypt [1%]
  • Chile [1%]

On a personal note:

  • I have met two people who have recognized me because of Idle Eyes
  • I have (knowingly) met 24 bloggers in person.
  • I’m still in good standing with 22 of those bloggers (I think)
  • I have knowingly lost 4 followers/ friends I made through blogging because of irreconcilable differences.
  • I have stopped following 5 bloggers because of irreconcilable differences.
  • I read over a hundred other blogs in Google Reader
  • I still love meeting other bloggers I follow (and fans who comment) and I would actually like to meet each and everyone of them.

It sure is interesting to know all of this stuff but it’s not WHY I write a blog. I will write so long as I feel the urge to share my thoughts and my days until the day I don’t, even if everyone stops reading. But I hope you don’t, ’cause I kinda really like having you all along for the ride.

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10 Responses to >Statistically Speaking

  1. Victor says:

    >You also have a follower/reader from Australia. Me!Keep up the good work.

  2. Beartoast says:

    >OK, I tried to leave a comment and it crashed.Leave it to Cubby to win the prize.I'm honored to have been able to meet you all and even benefit from your kind hospitality.Y'all come down South, so I can return the favor!Your wondermous.

  3. Raybeard says:

    >Very well done – and fascinating info here. I'm happy to allow Cubby being your 75,000th visitor, but I'm going after the coveted 100 thou! – by which time I also hope and dream about being included among those you'll have actually met.

  4. >Can you track down my first time of being here?I think your pageviews or number of hits are 327,304 (Mine got more than 8,000 after one year and there are not many people read my blog).Congrats!

  5. wcs says:

    >I'm a 2%er! And proud of it! And happy to count myself among those bloggers you've met. 🙂

  6. Buddy Bear says:

    >Congratulations and a heartfelt "thank you!" Your blog and its account of your life is inspirational to me. Also inspirational is your determination to live your life truthfully.

  7. Ur-spo says:

    >A hearty congratulations on all the above !OOXX

  8. Cubby says:

    >I think it's kind of cute how you think random guys who try to get in your pants are really Idle Eyes fans. I can just imagine you asking, "So you know me from my blog?" And them responding, "If it gets me the key to your zipper, then YES!" LOLAwww, I'm just kidding Sean. It must be rough being a hottie (so I've heard) ;-)Let me share something with you. A few days ago I published a short post about a weird dream I had. The number of readers and comments shot through the roof. Why? I think people just want quirky, original, deeply personal stories. That's why I read blogs really, and I think that's why Idle Eyes is so popular. Keep doing what you're doing. You got a good thing going.Thanks for giving me a shout-out. Does being your 25,000 and 50,000 page viewer earn me anything? Perhaps that highly-coveted key I mentioned above?

  9. Ron says:

    >A very interesting post. I write a blog basically for the same reasons you do. I write what is in my mind and what I'm feeling at the moment. I feel as if it is a kind of catharsis of my mind. Helps to clear my mind out instead of bottling up all my thoughts. I like your blog because it is real, humble, and down to earth. You blog is honest and that is the kind of blogs I find most interesting. Thank you for blogging. I hope I can follow you for a long time.

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