>Hauling our Balls to Connecticut


We are heading to a MAD this morning to meet our friends Matt and Patrick for breakfast before the four of us head out to Wallingford CT for the weekend to bowl in the Sweetheart LGBT bowling invitational. We’ll be staying at the host hotel in North Haven CT.

The weekend will consist of 9 games for each of us: 3 in a singles tournament, 3 in a doubles tournament and 3 in a 4 member team tournament. Sunday evening will be a banquet and there are cash prizes for best games. It is a handicapped tournament, so we all have a shot at winning if we bowl as well or better than our averages.

Honestly, I could give a flying pig if we win anything. I am excited about getting away for the weekend, going on our first “couples excursion” with Matt and Patrick (and bowling with them) and meeting a whole bunch of new people.

Oh, and, yeah, I do kinda like bowling. It’s fun.

Look for picture updates including the four of us in our Team T-Shirts I made for the weekend sporting the logo Matt and I designed for the GREAT Team name Jeffrey came up with:

Woohoo. Now I gotta go shower, shave, get dressed and pack. Jeffrey won’t let me travel naked 😦

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9 Responses to >Hauling our Balls to Connecticut

  1. BosGuy says:

    >Have fun. Its chilly in New England right now so its probably best that you don't travel nekkid. Although it probably would have made the drive more memorable.

  2. Greg Ohio says:

    >Go ahead surprise him….after the car gets warm strip!

  3. BThomas452 says:

    >I'm bowling in that tournament too! My team is The Athletic Supporters. I'm Brian. We're bowling the afternoon shift both days.

  4. Ur-spo says:

    >I should hope not (travel naked): it's too cold !

  5. >Oh thank you very much Sean. I have never bowled so that's why I never know this spare bar. I wish your team will get many bars in your tournament.

  6. D@vid says:

    >Have a great time, Sean 🙂

  7. Cubby says:

    >Have fun, and good luck.

  8. Breenlantern says:

    >Tai: when you bowl, if you knock some pins down the first throw of the ball and the rest of the pins down with the second throw, it's called a "spare." When you get a spare the monitor that displays your score flashes that bar symbol which is the symbol for a spare.

  9. >What does the bar mean? Is it a flag pole?

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