>Idle Eyes and a Bore Me


This has been the John Doe of weeks. Indistinct. Bland. Hum Drum. The weekend promises to be a lot better, but if I talk about that now I won’t have anything to post about on Friday, so all you’re getting is this pathetic attempt at a filler post.

The thing I hate most about uneventful weeks is that it does not keep me distracted and my mind starts to contemplate and scrutinize my life in painful, minute detail. Although on the outside I may appear to be dragging myself through the week, I assure, on the inside, I am a blur of mental activity.

I need activity to distract me (or food, alcohol and sex.) I want to feel good instantly, even if I regret it later.

Here is the list of events that have happened this week:

  • I slipped getting out of my car Monday and scraped the top of my leg along the bottom of the door edge hard. It hurts like a mofo and is all red and scrapey where my leg skin used to be.
  • I made it to spin class yesterday and I still love it and how much it kicks my ass.
  • I found out my good friend, ex-workout partner and our current Bowling League Treasurer is stepping down after this session and leaving the league. I’m bummed.
  • I pre-bowled Monday night for our league since we won’t be there Sunday. I bowled under my average two out of three games. Blech!
Oh, and this got posted on Facebook. Guess there’s no backing out of it now:

That’s the best I can do ya for today! Sorry!

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7 Responses to >Idle Eyes and a Bore Me

  1. wcs says:

    >Oh, WOW! Michael Cincimino! That's truly exciting…You know I'm just messin' with you. I wish I was going to be in town to visit your show. Will you be able to take some photos? Or will you be too busy nodding knowingly and accepting praise? 😉

  2. Ur-spo says:

    >exciting , all of it !

  3. Brent says:

    >The week is half over, and by the time you read this, you'll be waking up and the first half of the week will be well behind you… weekend, here we come.

  4. Cubby says:

    >You pre-bowled? That's new to me. They didn't have that in any leagues I was ever in.Do you want some instant feel-good magic? I'll tell you a secret. I made some Mexican chocolate ice cream tonight. We are going to eat it tomorrow night. Come over and you can have some with us. It will make you feel better, I guarantee.

  5. aj67star says:

    >I love filler posts. They are almost as good as regular posts. I hope your leg gets better soon…even if it doesn't, you'll still kick my butt at WWF.

  6. >Forget the food, go straight for the alcohol and sex ;-)Bad news about the leg though, that's gonna mess up spin. February, always a crap month. I'm sure by April the sun will be much higher in the sky.

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