I saw this posted on Artistry Of Male and it seemed so apropos to re-post and share with all my blogger friends, especially those of us who worry, from time to time, that our blog content is boring or pointless:
Our stories arise from our hearts and our souls. In this sense, telling our stories becomes a sacred gesture opening a clear way to that deep, ecstatic center where we are most uniquely our selves, individual and unique, and yet are ourselves, joined together at the heart. Once we understand this, we see that the stories of our daily lives, so rich with the experiences of trial and error, so deeply rooted in the here-and-now, so embodied and real and various – our ordinary stories are extraordinarily spirit filled. The routine exchanges, the daily duties, the everyday work: these become the heart-rich, soul-filled liturgies that sustain us. reminding us over and over that we are spiritual beings temporarily at home in human bodies, students working through a lifelong curriculum that teaches us to be human, each assigned his/her own daily lessons.

~Susan Wittig Albert (Writing from Life : Telling Your Soul’s Story)

Thank you all for sharing your stories with me.

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5 Responses to >Blah-gers

  1. Greg says:

    >Thanks for posting that. I needed the pick me up for my blogging.

  2. RG says:

    >GAWD! What does this say about me and my blog? I post atheistic screeds, write about my sex life, post nasty pictures and porn vids….people are going to get the wrong impression of me! LOL

  3. Ur-spo says:

    >spot-on!I just finished one of the longest books I've read in ages; a history of why we tell stories. It is so vital for our well being. Blogs are our personal stories; tales old as time, but told by us. I hope your blog never ends.

  4. >Beautifully said! Thanks for sharing Sean!

  5. >A beautiful reminder of what really matters. Thank you for sharing that, and everything else, on this blog.

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