>Flaking out


So the Capital District is bracing itself for (the threat of) another big snow storm tomorrow. 75% of our office has requested the day off and I guarantee not all of the 25% who haven’t will be in tomorrow if the snow predictions come true.

Although I am usually one of the stalwarts who show up no matter what, I have decided I have had too much white knuckle driving and 5 am exhausting shoveling marathons lately and I joined in with the 75% and requested tomorrow off just in case. If it is not as bad as they have forecasted, I’ll still come in. I’m not fond of wasting days needlessly.

The snow actually started this morning. It was a slick drive in – I passed two accidents on the way into work – and I’m not looking forward to the slick drive home .

Is it any wonder I have given so much thought lately to my big brother’s offer to let Jeffrey and me live with him if we want to move to Arizona?


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7 Responses to >Flaking out

  1. Ur-spo says:

    >yes! You should move to Arizona! I am being objective so don't question me !

  2. RG says:

    >Well, we got 10 inches yesterday, and not the good kind. And, right now as I type this comment at a little before 5 am on Wednesday, the second storm is giving us another 10 inches – again – not the good kind.My law office is open, although I predict that most of my legal overlords will be "working from home" today. Which means another internet workday. Those are truly boring – I would rather be schlepping coffee.

  3. BosGuy says:

    >Its been a brutal winter here in Boston. Fortunately, I work from home so I'm spared the white knuckled commutes.

  4. Greg Ohio says:

    >Cubby speaks for himself only…..He can go live with whoever….I will choose what I do. I at least expect to be freakin consulted so I can say hell no!

  5. Breenlantern says:

    >Cubby: If it had been Spo, I'd not have to give it ANY thought….

  6. Ron says:

    >We're lucking out so far here on the eastern shore of southern Delaware. All the snow is gone and we only have the cold, gray skies to comfort us. At least NO SNOW. Every year I think about spending January and February in warmer climes but I don't. Staying here during these months just makes me appreciate all the more when spring does come. And mark my words, spring in come. Be careful traversing in the snow and ice.

  7. Cubby says:

    >If by "big brother" you mean Spo, then Greg and I want in on a piece of that action.

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